Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Bubble is bound to burst soon, right?

Lunches are packed; school clothes are laid out.  We are leaving our little home bubble tomorrow I hope/pray/think.

I thought I was being totally awesome yesterday because I made a crockpot chicken and sweet potato stew and 2 loaves of pumpkin bread at 8:30 am before I ran out for a quick 60-minute massage.  I checked on the bread before I left and noted that it had a really strange texture and seemed pretty short, but I didn't consciously give it much thought.  Then, 43 minutes into my massage, I tensed up and realized I FORGOT TO ADD ANY BAKING SODA because I was dismantling my spice cabinet looking for cloves and deciding to just use pumpkin pie spice instead.  Such a pisser,  Completely odd and dense bread.

But Dorothy LOVES it.
We had a 28-person play date yesterday and it was SO FUN. 20 kids ages 7 and under, 8 moms, and a whole lot of wine.  I made a gross of cookies (literally), and there were only 1.5 dozen left at the end of the afternoon. I keep finding hunks of cookies and juice boxes in weird places-- a success all around.  All of my children were asleep by 7:45 last night, and Jack slept until 7:30 this morning.

Cross your fingers that we have school tomorrow.  I think we will-- we haven't had any snow-- things have been canceled for severe cold, and it is supposed to be a comfortable 12 degrees tomorrow, so we should be all good.  Which is good because Ben has to work normal business hours (happens twice a year and sucks ass), and the babies and I have both Kindermusik AND Little Gym.  Showers and real clothes all around.  Not sure if I am ready to leave the bubble, but I'll put up a brave front.

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