Monday, January 20, 2014

Last night of break

We're going to Disney World! In May. I have never been before, and Ben hasn't been since he was in high school.  Right now we are planning to drive and spend 2 days on the beach before we hit the parks because I am scared to death of flying.  But I am also scared of the thought of 2 days in the car with my children.  So, I ordered a book about overcoming my phobia, and Ben has found terrific flights.  Any advice?

Reading.  To himself.
She LOVES feeding herself yogurt.
Jack was sad because he wanted a very specific blanket and the eleventy billion other blankets in the room were not good enough how dare we suggest they might be
OMG she's so freaking cute
She woke up pantsless, which was adorable and made me want a picture, and Cooper wanted to come jump in her crib

I put Dorothy to bed at 7.  It is 9:26, and she has been up twice.  Long night in store for me.  First day of class tomorrow!  As if I could sleep anyway.


  1. Flying phobias are the worst! I am not phobic, but I get more stressed out about flying as I get older. I find that 2 lorazepam take the edge off (I can actually *almost* enjoy flying), but I still white knuckle take off and landing. My husband is super logical and explains every noise and bump and gives me lectures on lift and the physics of flight and how the plane canNOT just fall out of the sky, etc.

    Is there anything like hypno-flying (like hypnobirthing) that you might be able to look into? Shy of that, I'm thinking its got to be anti-anxiety meds leading up to & during your flights.
    And just think--3 hours on a plane with the children happily ipad'ing it, versus 36 hours of bored and cranky children in a minivan--that right there is your motivation! LOL

    (not much help, am I?)

  2. I have to say that Sarah has the right idea with the anti-anxieties. And I wouldn't discount a (qualified) hypnotist. The best thing would be exposure therapy. You could replicate parts of it on your own too. Let me know if you want specific details.

  3. You look fantastic!

    Also, that brother sleepover on the floor in Dorothy's room was adorable! I love cozy kids. Even when one of them is screaming.