Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014, so far

I am in the basement with Dorothy and Cooper right now.  Dorothy is standing next to a bin of toys waving a hockey stick around with her free hand when Cooper grabs her Leap Frog sound and music table and pushes it up against the IKEA toy shelves.  The way she looks at him as he clambers on top of it to better reach his giant digger is trouble-- she is watching and learning, and how long will it be before she is gleefully atop the table wreaking havoc?  Not very in my experience.  Already she has scooted across the room and pulled up on the table, standing on her little tippy toes staring up at Cooper and trying to figure out how to raise her leg high enough to join him.

We braved the horrible weather to walk around the zoo and almost had the place to ourselves.
 Cooper loved it
 Dorothy's cold face
 My cold face
 Jack needed a picture in every cut out

 She was super cold
 We did this whole puzzle before realizing we lacked 2 pieces
 So big.
 She loves to poke this doll in the eye
 Secret agent baby
 Bunch a monkeys
 If we get the new norovirus, it's because we went to Chuck E. Cheese.
 Naked baby
 We could also get the plague from this indoor playground
 I love her shelves with toys she actually uses.
 She had a sink bath today before nap, and LOVED it-- and washed a plate.


  1. Avery had her first sink bath this week! I forgot how cute it is. I love your zoo pics. Made me miss MN (but not so much the sub-zero temps!)

  2. I'm cold just looking at you guys!

    Your house makes me dream of bedrooms on the main level, so we don't have to have all the toys in one tiny room!

  3. So many cute pictures I've lost track of what I wanted to say about them!! It looks SO cold, but SO happy!