Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stuff and nonsense.

Ben and Jack went grocery shopping by themselves this week, and they came home with some pretty horrifying yogurt flavors. Like lemonade yogurt tubes, the memory of which made both boys angry after school when I asked them if they liked their lunches, and kale and kiwi kefir-- what kind of child-hating asshole dreams up that concoction?  I mean, really.

Dorothy, though, is a huge fan of pear-flavored yogurt and big people's oatmeal mixed into mush with whole milk.  Also she loves cottage cheese.  The stickier and the harder to clean off every substance in the room, the more she loves it, actually.
She truly hates getting dressed, even when the end result is adorable.
LOVES pushing her baby in her stroller and is so close to walking.  She takes a few steps by herself, and she can stand up without holding onto anything, but she's scared to really take off.
After meals, she loves to crawl around and eat her droppings off the floor.  Perhaps we need a dog.
Cooper has decided he no longer needs a high chair, but if you ask him if he is a big boy, he replies that he is either a baby or a pirate.  Erm.

Harry took this picture on his iPad yesterday at Dorothy's birds class at Little Gym, and I was surprised to see it in my photostream.

SHE HATES TO BE CLOTHED.  After bath is no fun every night.

Partners in crime.


  1. I think Dorothy is starting to look like you!!

    All of my kids (except possibly Charlie but only in the last year or so) still freak the freak out when they wash their hair. Seriously guys.

  2. kale and kiwi kefir? Lovely alliteration, but just no.

    I'll echo Becca and admit that my kid still pitches a fit about hair washing, too. I have to stand outside the shower and say, "DO IT!" or he won't. Seriously.

    And he still insists on being naked for a good stretch of time after every shower. I think its the genetic thread of dirty hippie in him (although in those moments he is a squeaky clean hippie, thankfully.)

    When Husband goes shopping by himself, or with Ethan, he comes home with everything in the store. :-/

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    That picture of Dorothy pushing her baby is just too precious for words!

    I also love that she prefers to be naked... Cooper and Dorothy really are soul mates! I know they are a bit too far apart to be Irish twins but they seem to have that innate connection.

    As for a dog, I can't decide which Jedd addition I want more - baby 5 or a some fantastic family dog like a Labradoodle.