Thursday, January 16, 2014

I have this terrible feeling that I should be doing something right now

Besides blogging, having wine, and waiting for my goat cheese and pesto pizza to cook, I mean.

I think I will have this feeling for the rest of the semester because the truth is, I probably should be doing something.  Working on my adjunct online class.  Emailing someone for the PTO.  Making Keynote presentations for my criticism class.

Which!  Holy hell.  I have been teaching this damn class since 2010, and I got a new textbook a few semesters ago and redid a bunch of presentations.  And never saved them because I made them all on my iPad. My iPad became the little kids' iPad. And then some kid with fat kid fingers DELETED MY KEYNOTE APP and with it, all of my damn presentations.  I had 6 on my email.  Grumble grumble grumble.

But the cool thing is that thanks to iCloud, all I need to take to class is my iPad Mini and a VGA adapter (and my textbooks and the binder of shit I carry around for my class and printed text of whatever speeches I am showing for the day and a million tubes of lipstick in varying shades of the exact same color.  BUT NOT MY COMPUTER is what I am trying to say).  And this is very, very cool because I am teaching all the way across campus up a huge hill in some building I have never heard of before.  And even though my school bag is called a "Neverfull" it totally does get full.  And heavy.

Drove my sweet new minivan today which was great. (I hadn't even driven it yet because I totally played the part of wifey on this purchase). I think maybe I could have achieved the same effect with new tires and wiper blades on the old minivan.  Erm.  And Cooper INSISTED on driving with the moon roof open even though it was snowing.

Taking both babies to Kindermusik tomorrow which is always completely adorable and I laid out a sweet little dress for Dorothy to wear and it is 12-18 months.  She went to bed in a size 12-month sleeper that fit perfectly.  Where did my tiny baby go?  She was just tiny, I swear she was, and now?  She talks!  And walks (holding onto things)! And is almost 1!  It goes too fast.

Cooper had 2 baths today because he had a diaper mess.  And then he had the second one because he is a creature of habit and can't go to bed without his bath.  Dorothy, as you can see, was interested in his solo-soak and wondered why she wasn't in there with him.
I dressed her like a kid today and instantly regretted it because she is so big already anyway.

Harry looked at those letters in the tub after all the water was out and said, "Oh wow.  The babies must learn a lot in their bath."

Kids.  Sweeter than chocolate chips and even more fattening.


  1. Love Harry's comment and the last line. Also jealous of your Neverfull bag.

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I visit this blog sometimes several times a day only to see Dorothys sweet lil face

  3. hahahah--babies must learn a lot in their baths. I love how he talks like he was never a baby. LOL

    The idea of losing things on the computer makes me twitch. I'm still not over the fact that while i was on bedrest with Ethan, someone went into my office and STOLE every single one of my curriculum folders with a decade's worth of classes in them. Not that I ever taught a class again, but still. ::twitch twitch::