Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OMG. Need seep.

Baby no longer sleeps.

Got a new scale at Costco and found out I have not lost any weight since 6 weeks post partum.

Harry and Ben were gone all weekend at the Cubs Convention in Chicago.  Jack and I had what he called "the special day" where we watched Dolphin Tale, went to Toys R Us and let Jack pick out anything he wanted, and ate all Jack's favorite foods (like Whole Foods guacamole-- skinny Jack can EAT that stuff).  Unfortunately, we started the started the day off with a fender bender (my fault-- got a ticket-- my first ticket ever) and Cooper didn't sleep the WHOLE TIME, and Harry and Ben didn't get home until late Sunday afternoon. Gah.

Have decided that GMO food is unacceptable and even though we didn't really eat it before, I am NEVER eating it now.  Excpet this morning because I didn't pack any lunches, so Harry is going to have whatever GMO laden shit the school is serving up.  And OMG-- I like the FLOTUS' focus on healthy lifestyles, but lets face it:  diabetes and obesity aren't all because of bad personal choices.  The fucking food chain is polluted, and companies should have to label the GMO garbage that most people buy everyday and feed to their growing babies and children.  It's everywhere from baby formula to cereal bars to snack crackers-- stuff people eat EVERY SINGLE DAY and stuff that you might even think is good for you.  Ugh.

The lack of sleep.  It's making me cranky.


  1. You're totally right on that last point. It's so frustrating that eating actual healthy food takes a PhD-level amount of research. The people who need it most don't have the kind of resources to make it happen.

    I hope you get some sleep soon, but I loved this post!

  2. Anonymous12:51 PM

    bet he's teething, and not very comfortable..Bomma also what is GMO

  3. I love that this post comes after one titled "CALM". ;-)

    I agree w/ Becca--the frustration I feel at wanting to feed my kid healthy food and the lengths I have to go to to ensure that I know what he's eating is just exhausting. Time to do more research....

  4. Tripod8:11 PM

    You guys are really careful about what you feed the kids! What about people who can't be careful, or who trust big business to make the decisions that are in the interest of the people, rather than only care about maximizing profits?

  5. The lack of sleep can be screwing with your metabolism, FYI. Not easy to fix, you know, with the whole baby thing going on. But ammo for sleeping in on the weekends -- it's for your health!

    GMO makes me twitchy.