Saturday, January 07, 2012

Old Lady

I am so lucky because I got all of the awesome household goods on my holiday wish list this year.  I must have been super good.

Ben's parents got me a bread machine, which is SO MUCH FUN to use.  I made cinnamon swirl bread this morning just for the hell of it, and I have already used a whole giant bag of whole wheat flour.  (Harry hates my bread, BTW, and looked longingly down the commercial bakery aisle at the grocery store yesterday asking wistfully about "that bread with the slices in it."  Whatev.)  I love that my house smells like a bakery.

My grandma sent us a very generous Amazon gift card, and I ordered this book:

(also lots of Power Rangers for the big boys, a white noise machine that projects pictures on the ceiling for Cooper, and a new DVD player for our bedroom).

My parents stocked my cupboard with new Le Creuset bake ware, and Ben got me the Beaba babyfood maker and cute little accessories I have been drooling over.

And all of this stuff is wonderful, and I love it, but it makes me ask the question:  WHEN DID I GET SO OLD?

I was teasing Ben about the gift I got him and I told him it was a Dyson, and you know what?  He was really excited because he WANTS a Dyson, so he is super old, too.  So old, in fact, that he has been putting wheat grass in his breakfast smoothie (the kids LOVE it).

In other old people news, we did 2 small projects at home this weekend.  First, we finally put something on the walls in our upstairs hallway, which has been sadly blank since July:
It was fun going through a billion pictures to find the 15 we wanted to frame. Now we just need stuff for the other side of the hallway, the entry way, and oh, EVERY WALL in our bedroom. Baby steps.

We also moved all the furniture around in the family room:

I am not nuts about this set up, but it does leave more room for this:
He can't wait to join in
Speaking of old lady, I am going to retire to the couch now to drink lactation tea and watch The West Wing. And also eat the most gigantic piece of carrot cake ever (why isn't that baby weight pouring off?)


  1. I like the new shelves! Almost like a mantle! And I love getting housewares as gifts, but someone (Ryan) doesn't think it's a good gift. I should just go drop $500 at Sur la Table and call it a household purchase.

  2. Love those shelves! I'm really regretting my "gallery wall" as we're moving out, but long shelves would be an awesome solution at the new place. And I also love all your old lady gifts. Totally jealous.

  3. LOVE those shelves! Where did you get them?!

    A friend of mine got a Dyson for Xmas and her text to me was an unironic, "I'm so happy I could cry!!!!" after she opened it. We are all old.