Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Milk Dramz

My milk is back-- 100% normal.  Abundant even. SO WEIRD.  I have looked back through my blog and frantic text message log and have determined that this happens to me every 26-30 days.  Hmmmm.  It seems to be a cycle.  And I should add that Cooper is totally and completely fine when this happens.  A little annoyed that we keep shoving bottles in his face, but lots of wet diapers (he's always wet, in fact), lots of poops (on his weird poop for a day, not poop for a couple of days schedule he's been on since like week 2 of his life-- he also has sleep and not sleep days and always has-- such a funny little guy)-- a little fussier than normal (which is not fussy at all) but totally fine.

In the couple of weeks before I lose my milk again, I have a multi-pronged attack plan to fix this blip in production.

1.  Pump again and continue to increase frozen milk supply.  I stopped pumping for my freezer supply because I had like 187 ounces (yes, I counted), only needed 3 small bottles a week (you know, when I am actually making milk), and thought the stress of pumping was inhibiting letdown (it wasn't-- that was hormones.  Slow letdown is the first sign my production is halting; I know that now).  So, I am pumping again.  My goal used to be 3 ounces a day but I would be happy with 2.

2.  Get Cooper used to other food.  He is rocking the oatmeal and really LOVES to eat-- bites the spoon, swirls the food around in his toothless mouth, swallows happily and then opens wide for another bite, squawking if we are too slow.

3.  Continue to slowly integrate formula.  You know I hate processed foods, but it would be so much less stressful if I knew I had a renewable source of food for him when my milk is low.  So we have been adding 1-2 ounces of formula to the bottles Ben gives him when I am at class or meetings.  So far, he still doesn't eat more than 2 ounces from a freaking bottle, but he never has, so the formula isn't making him eat less, anyway.

4.  Up the supplements.  I still drink Mothers Milk tea, and I just ordered a bottle of More Milk Plus capsules from Amazon.  I think I will try those (b/c the are supposed to be stronger than the tea) during my low periods.

5.  Nurse, nurse, nurse all the freaking time.  I am trying to make sure he eats every 2 hours-- every 90 minutes if he wants to.  He went 3 hours between feeds yesterday because he was asleep (woo-hoo!), but otherwise, during the day, he ate 8 times, which is good for both of us.

Any other suggestions?

And on another note, he can roll both ways now-- I found him on his belly this morning with a red mark on his head where he apparently smacked into the side of the crib.  D'oh!


  1. Great news!!

    Poor third babies. I often pick James up and think "Now where did that bruise/scratch/red place come from?" I blame the big kids.

  2. Yay for you! And the rolling Cooper:-)
    Alfalfa, Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle capsules (all available at Walmart and Whole (Paycheck) Foods) work for me. My 4-month old son and I smell like maple syrup, though. Lactation consultant says that's how you know it's working:-) And, I sweat. All.The.Time. Like a heaux in church, which ticks me off, since I was always a nice, dainty female that smelled pretty. Ah, well. Chez Beaub will be open for another 6 months, so I'm used to it:-)

  3. So so so glad things have calmed down for you all! I was thinking good thoughts for you.

    Gina gave me her left over More Milk Plus liquid. I had been taking the capsules (2 caps 3 to 4 times a day) and when I ran out I started on the liquid. It tasted HORRIBLE at first but I drank it down with something sweet and got used to it really quickly. I found that it worked MUCH better than the capsules. It was the first time I was able to relax a bit about my milk production. Also, and you probably already know this, I found sleeping with Riley all night long put my milk production through the roof. Given I HATED doing that because I didn't sleep but you seem perfectly happy so it might help during that low period. That's my 25 cents! :)

  4. Yay! Good plan. Jack ate every freaking hour for months and months. I swear if he hadn't weaned, he'd still be nursing once a hour at age 6...

  5. Fenugreek worked wonders for me and I plan to use it with this one too. I drank LOTS of water/ice tea. I ended up with a TON of extra milk and Emerson was a breast milk-fed baby for nearly a year. I was happy with that :)

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