Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Ben claims he bought most of my Christmas presents on Amazon.

When he was drunk.

He got me great stuff, so I didn't believe him until I opened this planner:
It's a Pac Man Moleskine planner. WTH? But I love it-- I love a new planner, a new year spread out all clean and boxy.

Even though I use Google Calendar for pretty much everything, I've opened up a new pack of pens to scrawl in some dates in my Pac Man (seriously, WTH?) planner, too-- you know, when I teach, meetings, Jack's Little Gym class-- IMPORTANT stuff.

All this planning, of course, makes me think of resolutions. As always, I have a few.

1. Cut out commercial baked goods. If we are going to have desserts (and we ARE), they're going to be homemade. Thanks to a bread machine I got for Christmas from Ben's parents, I am also going to bake my own bread. But Sarah, you say, aren't you supposed to be writing a book and teaching and directing a course, too? Well, um, yeah. So, if I can't always make everything from scratch, I will be sure to spend the extra cash to buy it from a local bakery-- it'll still be from scratch, just not my scratch.

2. Follow the 5-ingredients-or-less rule more stringently when it comes to food I am buying at the store. Except for instant oatmeal packets and Annie's bunny crackers and Z-bars. Can't live without and at least they're all organic?

3. Make sure I eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies everyday.

4. Publish 2 essays in academic journals.

5. Get rid of this fat donut around my middle.

6. Finish Cooper's baby book, keep my blogs up-to-date, and carve out time for fiction writing everyday.

7. For every book I read on my iPad, read a real book, too.

What about you?


  1. Your list is awesome! (As is your Pac Man calendar, but yellow is my favoritest color.)

    We are giving up all sweetners, including sodas that have them. We've been drinking more sparkling water (that La Crouix stuff) when we are craving some bubbly beverage. We also are buying soda as a treat and have a couple local brands that use real sugar that are yummy.

    I like your no processed food idea. We're almost there, and we feel a lot better when we're eating better.

  2. Great goals! I'm feeling too swamped to commit to the food thing right now (and we really don't get that much processed stuff now, I just can't find the mental space to really think it through), but hope to get to it by the end of January. Five ingredients or less is very sensible. Love the PacMan!

  3. Good goals! I am on a "lose 1lb for every year you've been alive" quest. Sadly, that would put me right in the middle of my healthy weight range. I'm also going to write in the blog more, open my Etsy shop & read at least 50 books.

  4. I like your planner, and I like your list! I also use my phone calendar for all appointments/ reminders and such (which i also transfer to our wall calendar for easy viewing or if Brett needs to see it), but i got myself a planner that I'm going to use for to do lists, meal planning, and goals - stuff I like writing down more than putting in my phone. I'm kind of mad I didn't get pacman now, lol.

    my list involves cleaning more regularly, and just cooking more often for my family - I'll focus on weeding out processed foods more when I've established the actual cooking part. There will also be weight loss, but I don't know how much since it remains to be seen how much I'm going to gain in the next 6 months. I'm assuming I'll have to lose about 30 lbs of baby weight and then the 20lbs I was already trying to lose when I got pregnant.