Monday, January 02, 2012

iPhone dump to ring in the new year

We've been having the laziest break.  

Lots of eating out to avoid cooking.  Here's Cooper traveling incognito to our favorite Mexican place.
Harry and Jack loved Hanukkah-- we wrapped all of their presents and put them under the upstairs tree, so they could check them out and decide which one they wanted to open each night. Unfortunately, they got the exact same gifts, so on nights they picked different packages, they ruined the surprise for each other. Next year, I'll buy different stuff.
They picked out gifts for each other and warmly embraced after opening them on Christmas morning.
Last year, Jack could not open his gifts without help. This year he was an expert.
Ben loved the tie the kids got him.
Ben's parents got the kids a bounce house. They LOVE it.
Cooper is ginormous
Jack enjoyed a day of chocolate chip pancakes
Cooper can grab stuff on purpose, but he can't always let go. The other day at Noodles, he grabbed my chicken, which was warm, and even though he was bothered by the heat, it was like the chicken was glued to his fist
We made Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls for New Year's Day breakfast, and they were AMAZING. Amazing. I ate three and have sworn off them. We sent some home with my brother and some with my parents and Ben and Jack are taking care of the rest.
My parents in their NYE party gear. They came for the big night and for a late Hanukkah celebration (the kids got iPod Touches, and they LOVE them).
Ben made an amazing dinner: shrimp cocktails, NY strip steaks and king crab legs, a delicious salad, sesame garlic green beans.
I made a loaf of bread and a chocolate cake. We had lots of wine, champagne, and sparkling grape juice.
Harry loves a celebration
So glad I bought baby new year a Gwen Stefani for Target tux-- NYE is fancy
Tummy time
From this morning
And there you have it- you're up to speed.


  1. Love the tux! Looks like a great celebration!

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Looks like the whole shebang was a blast...sometimes school is a blessed glad the boys had a great Chrismakkah....Bomma

  3. So cute! It looks like a great holiday. How do the boys like the cameras? Eli's been obsessed with mine since Yosemite and we were thinking about getting him one of those, but we're not sure if he'll like it.

  4. shmancy tux!!! And I love boy shirts with ties sewn onto them. Looks like a great time!