Thursday, August 04, 2011

Picutres! Nesting!

We finally hung some stuff on the wall in the baby's room! And plugged in his cute little night light. Above the crib, Ben is going to hang his name. Someday.

I am also done with his teeny closet. Clothes from 0-6 months are hanging up and are folded in his dresser. 6-9 months and 12-18 months is folded on the top of the closet. Lots of clothes for a little guy.

Speaking of. I am 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I have gained 28 pounds, and my belly button has popped out, so I'd say I am pretty much done.

Jack was looking at me like I was nuts while I took those pictures

I had so much fun today!

I saw Harry Potter 7.2 in 3-D by myself, and no one judged how fast I ate my candy or that I totally sobbed my way through the movie.

Then I went to the mall to buy some more back-to-school clothes for Harry, who has gone from a boys' size 4 to a size 6 (which is going to screw up our clothes system because you know Jack is going to need size 5). On my way to Gap Kids, I happened to walk through a department store and found these awesome, awesome shoes:

Which I plan to wear out for our anniversary this weekend. I know last year I was all, Oh, I am always going to wear my wedding shoes on our anniversary. But they are stilettos. And I am fat. And while my new shoes are very, very high, they are wedges and much more supportive.

I am glossing over the back-to-school thing, I know. Kindergarten. Oh Em Gee. Another post for another day.


  1. Love the shade of green in the nursery! And those nice bright windows! It looks great. And so do you! So much to look forward to this fall!

  2. Okay, always hearing about how much weight you have gained, I thought you were in my neighborhood. Um, not even close and now I hate you. :) I gained 50lbs with #3.

  3. Those shoes are freaking awesome!!

    When we moved from our apartment to a house, it was like Ebeth won the lottery.

    The nursery is adorable. Our little one most likely will have to share a room with Julia while we live in Texas, so I'll probably paint the room a neutral yellow like I did for both of the girls' nurseries. Well, it will share a room with Juju after it shares a room with us first, of course. :)

  4. Love the nursery, love the shoes, love how organized you are & that you cried all through Harry Potter (when you were done eating your candy). You look fabulous, friend!!! So excited for you!

  5. You are the cutest damn pregnant woman I think I've ever seen - so get over your buddah-baby-belly self! You may feel like caca but you look FABULOUS!!