Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Random update

Jack had a totally adorable soccer game the other day. All of his teammates were reluctant to play, and they were playing an older team and got CREAMED. Most of the parents on our team were on the field sort of holding their kids and playing human foosball.

I have pretty much lost my mind from hormones and the stress of being so damn fat in triple digit heat.

I have channeled my energy into packing my hospital bag. But first, I had to go buy a ton of yoga pants, stretchy cotton skirts, and t-shirts to wear after I have the baby. I also added in 4 pairs of new pajamas, some giant underwear, a couple of nursing bras and one of every nursing tank I could find at Target. Clearly I am not expecting to have to go many places, although I will have to drag my fat ass across the street to take Harry to kindergarten. Also toiletries.

It was kind of exhausting.

Here's my list of things that still need to go in the bag:

Kind of tech heavy.

I packed 3 outfits for the baby.

This tiny little ensemble:

This one

And then also this tiny little Gymbo sleeper that Jack wore in but not home from the hospital:

I felt all nostalgic and tossed in the Zutano hat that Harry wore home

And more hats and footwear options.

Luckily his stuff doesn't take up much room.

We took the boys to the hospital tonight for a sibling tour. They liked the fake babies they could diaper in a very Of Mice and Men sort of way.


  1. Hahaha, Mice and Men!

    Look at those sweet little tiny clothes!

    Wes was born in September and I'm surprised I didn't commit any felonies during the hot third trimester, honestly.

  2. Are you allowed to have floats at your pool? If so, I suggest hanging out in a large inner tube!

    That sibling tour looks like fun for the boys -- I bet they are excited to meet their little brother. I remember my little brother being born (I was almost 4) and going to see my mom in the hospital. It's a really pleasant memory, I was so happy to see the baby! (And he "gave" me a troll, which I still have to this day.)

  3. You wrote this for me didn't you? Well even if you didn't THANK YOU! I'm slowly getting to your state of readiness and therefore slowly starting to reduce my panic. Slowly.

    I am strangely obsessing about the going home outfit and nursing clothes right now though and appreciate your input on the matter! THANK YOU SARAH!!!

  4. the fact that you're taking your hair straightener w/ you to the hospital is fantastic! That's ambition & I respect that!

    Have you seen the new owl line @ baby gap? Um. Pressssshhhhus!!!!!!

    I'm sorry its been so hot; that has to be miserable! Hope it cools down and you get to enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy a bit more!