Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still Pregnant

Friday, I have a personal record-setting 39-weeks appointment with my doctor, and I have to bring both kids with me. When I scheduled the appointment, I thought Oh I will have totally had the baby by then, so it doesn't matter if I have no childcare. Hahahaha. The joke is on me. Also the doctor. And his staff.

I would ask him what the hell we can do about getting this thing out of me, but, you know, I am trying to avoid intervention. My gym is closed this week to get ready for their fall activity schedule, so I can't even try to exercise him outta here. Maybe later when the babysitter comes over, I can go for a walk. (yes, I am officially too pregnant to take care of my own kids past normal work hours when Ben is late).

But I have stopped looking at all his tiny little clothes and am using this as an opportunity to do a better job of filling out his "Dear Baby" journal before he is born. Thanks to the kids' love of drawing huge pictures in it, I am almost to the end, which makes him look JUST AS IMPORTANT as the other 2 kids, which of course he is. But still. I am paranoid that we won't have as much memorabilia as H and J.
Harry enjoys making silly faces for the camera

Sometimes when Jack has been playing unsupervised for an irresponsible amount of time and I realize I haven't heard a peep out of him, I run downstairs expecting danger! and chaos! and find him reading quietly.

Harry's favorite thing to do is to pretend that straws are wands (even though he has no fewer than 3 licensed Harry Potter wands), so he brings them home from restaurants and screams "Expeliarmus!"

We toured this house when we were building because we really liked the floor plan (almost built it in fact, but it was only 2000 square feet w/o a finished basement and because of the model-to-lot rules in our development, we couldn't find a lot with enough exposure to let us get livable space in the basement without having to dig out egress windows-- we wanted actual, big windows. So, long story short, we didn't go with this plan, although sometimes I wish we had because we planned it with a central vac, which I miss soooooo much), and because the house is still for sale, nosy Jack loves to check it out every time we go for a walk

So nosy.

Jack is just tall enough to put his moth and tongue all over the drinking fountain, but he tries so hard to get a drink, I can't stop him. Perseverance!

Jack is transitioning from baby to kid-- his legs are thinning out, and his feet have developed arches, but he still has a couple chub rolls on his arms and thighs. Jack was happily eating mac and cheese with his fingers the other night, but I advised Harry to use a fork because he is a big boy. "Me can do this," Jack said, shoveling a handful in his mouth. "Because me still part baby, right?" Right.

Thank goodness for garbage day because we have made a lot of trash this week. What gives?

If I haven't had the baby by Monday, I might try to go to work because that's when the faculty contract year begins, and I don't want tot have to use ANOTHER week of freaking sick leave just to lay on my ass and watch reality TV (thanks, state, for having such a sucky, sucky maternity leave policy, by the way. they'll hold my job for a year, but any time I want to take off has to be unpaid or out of my sick leave bank. blech.)

Hope one of these next few posts has a squishy baby in it.


  1. These last few weeks SUCK. Sending you eviction vibes. Try the YouTube foot massage. I've heard it works, and if not you get a massage out of it.

  2. So been there! I (and my doctor) didn't think I would make it to the last appointment I had. And then I had to schedule another one just in case! There must be something about our third babies and wanting to hang out longer than their siblings.

    Oh, and your maternity leave is like ours. That would be why I took AJU5 with me to work on her 1 month "birthday" - since all I had to do was be on campus a certain number of hours each week...

    Good luck!

  3. Boo maternity "leave"! Ditto the youtube pressure points. It's a nice massage at least. I still had to be induced though.

  4. "Me still part baby." LOVE that!!! I hope squishy baby is here soon!

  5. I did the Go Ahead and Schedule Another Appointment But I Won't Need It thing. And I even went by myself because I honestly didn't think ANYTHING was happening. Except it was. (You'd think with my 3rd I'd know better.)

    And our maternity plan is horrible. Especially since we have a crazy boss who was back to work THREE DAYS after she had HER baby.