Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Big kid bike!

It is totally our fault because of where we used to live and our lack of good outdoor play space, but Harry has been riding a big wheel all this time. Today, though, he got a big kid bike. The occasion? None. Just a trip to Toys R Us for bug catching supplies and a huge bike sale.

He's a little timid on it, but really, he's doing great.

The kids had the kind of day today that we moved out of our condo for them to have. They were outside from the minute they woke up until just a couple minutes ago when we came in from going to the park and riding bikes to take a bath. Harry is actually in the tub right now. It's a deep tub, and the water is hitting him at the shoulders right now because he requested a deep bath, and he's swimming a little. I am sitting in the hall outside the bathroom, one eye on him and the other on my screen. Jack and Ben are upstairs bathing Jack, and the laundry room is strewn with mud and tire pieces from the playground. They boys caught grasshoppers at the park (and reluctantly released them) and got filthy-- way dirtier than they ever did in our other house-- and we walked home the long way through restored prairie on a hilly path. Harry ran over his own legs once when he fell off his bike, but he didn't mind. A huge cloud blocked the sun our whole walk, and it turned purple around the edges and was so big that even the breeze couldn't blow it away. We saw a hot air balloon high above us and spent our walk talking about all the things the people inside could see.

Jack did not get a new bike because he claimed to only want Harry's big wheel and a bug catching kit on a belt.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! I love dirty kids. Which is good, because that's what we have on the reg around here.

  2. I love this! We finally had a day that wasn't dangerously hot, just normally hot. Harry looks like he's catching on to his bike really well. You guys need a tandem!

  3. "The kids had the kind of day today that we moved out of our condo for them to have."

    I love that line! It makes me happy that you're all loving the new place so much.