Monday, August 22, 2011

Holy shit. I am huge.

Behold my hugeness:

In other news, my camera broke, and I took it to Best Buy to get fixed, but they had to send it away to the place where all good Canons go, and it;s going to take 2-3 weeks to come back to me. So I bought a new one! A super zoom! It's super cool!

So cool that Ben even took pictures of animals at the zoo with it, like this awesome alligator (or crocodile?) picture:

and this one of a polar bear taking a crap

Also some cute kid pics

Ugh. I think I am going to be pregnant forever. AND I got a terrible hair cut last week. My stylist was leaving for a vacation in Portugal later that night, and she clearly did not care about my hair, seeing as she cut some random layers and chopped my bangs to mom-length. I really hope it grows out okay, but the layers are so random that my pony tails look wimpy, which is not what I need when I am trying to balance out the size of my ass with big hair.

Ugh. Just want to record the reality of pregnancy in case we stumble across some other pictures and only remember the beautiful parts and get crazy enough to do this all over again.



  1. I think you look fantastic! And you are still walking around which is more than I can say for my last few weeks.

  2. Ditto. You look fabulous!

  3. You know, every time I get to that 9th month I think--oh my god I am a massive whale and I am not doing this again because I can't see my feet and my ankles swell and my stomach knocks over poor old women while I'm trying to shop at the grocery store.

    And yet, here I am...pregnant with my third kid.

    You look lovely and it truly looks like you swallowed a basketball.

  4. My husband bought a camera just before AJU7 was born too - one he saw at Best Buy (but bought through Amazon).

    And you don't look THAT huge. Huge - yes, but not "unexpectedly" huge at least :)

  5. You just look nine months pregnant -- not huge. Like if I saw you, I would think, "Oh that woman must be due any second now." :)

    (Does this come off like making you sound huge? Because I truly don't think you are!)

  6. You are GORGEOUS, so pipe down about the hugeness. ;-) I am sure you feel far huger than you actually are. I only ever got to 34.5 weeks and I felt ginormous and insanely uncomfortable, so I cannot even fathom what you must feel like a whole month farther along, but you LOOK beautiful & happy.

    Your hair is nice, too, but I think its so hard to explain "yes, but it's not what I waaaaanted!!!!" Last time I got mine cut, I was mortified that I just let her cut it all off & had a hard time hearing anyone when they "ooooh"'d and "aaaaah'd" it. Thankfully, hair grows.

  7. Anonymous6:04 AM

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