Monday, August 15, 2011

Home improvements

We are getting some new neighbors in a couple of days, so we decided to get a fence and plant a tree and some tall bushes. Neighborly, huh?

No, really, we have just been in the mood for some home improvement projects (nesting, perhaps?).

This weekend Ben's parents came to town to bring the kids gifts (even the unborn one) and install a couple of kid room ceiling fans.

Here's the baby's-- pretty basic, but it matches the rest of our fixtures perfectly

Here's H and J's, which matches nothing in the house except their room:

Ben really did plant some tall bushes today-- or they will be tall someday

Mainly to stop the kids from killing themselves on the rock walls and to stop himself from having to mow the grass there

Also to block all of our windows because we are, as I mentioned, neighborly

Which is why we planted this tree that will hopefully block our yard someday

Seriously, how cute is this little fence

with its cute little gate? (it has 2 cute little gates, but I only took a picture of 1 because, I mean, a gate is a gate)

Home improvements aside, I feel like shit today. So big. SO unwieldy. So needing to pee all the time because there is a giant person on my bladder (he's actually probably less than 7 pounds, but still). My back hurts like you would not believe. And still. No contractions. No other labor signs. I think I might set a new length-of-gestation record. Harry was already like 4 days old by now.

I just want to see him and kiss him and never sleep again because of him.

I ordered some really cute stickers to put on his onesies every month so I don't have to make my monthly signs. Ben's mom bought him an awesome bouncy chair. I used our anniversary gift card from Bomma and Jack to buy a new Vera Bradley diaper bag (Happy anniversary, Ben. Also, mine is in Symphony in Hue, but I cannot get that color to link for some reason ). We are so, so ready for our little guy. (All I need is a ready-made Hallmark scrapbook baby book like I had for H and J and that's it, I swear. Then we'll really, really be ready. I am going to Hallmark first thing tomorrow morning.)


  1. Robert Frost said "good fences make good neighbors." He left out the part about the strategically placed shrubbery, but I think he'd see the value in it. ;-)

    I love H & J's ceiling fan! We have the same print of the rocket ship (and the one of the planets) in E's room, but that's as far as I've taken the theme at this point. I have to get a move on that cute little boy decor before he starts hanging up rock band posters and locking me out of his room altogether.

  2. "I just want to see him and kiss him and never sleep again because of him." LOVE this!!

    I know that anticipation so well. It's going to be so awesome. Can't wait to hear all about him!

    And I love that fence! Adorable.

  3. Trust me, when this baby is three weeks old, you will rescind that statement about being OK about never sleeping again. TRUST ME.

  4. We have those ceiling fans too....they match nothing in their rooms....but Ethan's room is bright ass orange and has no theme and Owen has never slept in his I guess it's okay. :)