Saturday, August 13, 2011


To continue talking about food, we were out for lunch today (I KNOW!), and I realized that if I gave birth tomorrow,I would regret not eating another piece of peanut butter silk pie in this world where calories don't mater and despite my best efforts, I did not gain any weight between doctors appointments. So I made a detour into my favorite pie shop and I am eating it right now after pretty much refusing to split it with Ben (I asked him if he wanted anything when I went into the bakery, and he said he didn't! So what the hell did he think he was doing with that extra fork?).

I have been doing some digital nesting, too, so I finally have pictures of, oh, EVERYTHING we've been doing.

Hanging around at the zoo

We have had fun eating lots of lunch

And cupcakes.

Oh, cupcakes

I took Harry for a super special big boy pre-kindergarten hair cut at my salon. When we walked in, he was impressed with the zen fountain and wanted to throw "tokens" in it. When the receptionist offered him a beverage (he chose a tiny bottle of water with the salon's name on it), he said, "This is awesome," then he sauntered over to the lounge area and grabbed an Entertainment Weekly with Harry Potter on the cover

He had never experienced a salon shampoo before because he usually goes to Sports Clips where they just mist him with a squirt bottle, and he was a little apprehensive about the whole thing once he was seated on a booster and a roll of towels. Once the warm water hit his head, though, he loved it.

He was really into the head and neck massage portion of his shampoo, and he liked the way his conditioner smelled like the beach.

He loved watching himself in the mirror

The end result-- the shortest, spikiest hair cut he has ever had- it is so darn cute!

Harry has been riding his bike so much his shins are covered with bruises from about a million falls.

Ben and the kids made some windmill peanut butter and seed bird feeders-- it was pretty cute.

Jack is kind of an aggressive reader

We are working on our playroom art installation. We only have 4 so far, but Ben bought a TON of frames, and we are hoping kindergarten means lots of materpieces.

Remember how at the beginning of this post I was talking about my doctor appointment? Well, yeah. I had one. Ben went with me because he hasn't heard the baby's heart beat yet, but we forgot I had to be swabbed for Group B Strep (NEGATIVE! Woo-hoo!), so that was awkward. Then the doctor freaked us out-- he said that since my labor with Jack was so short, when I am in labor with this guy, I should not waste any time getting to the hospital. The problem? I am AT LEAST an hour away. By the time I call my brother and his awesome girlfriend and they leave work to come get my fat ass and then we go to the hospital, that's an hour. And I have to call them if Ben is at work because he is an hour from our house, so that makes me like 90 minutes from the hospital. I hope the baby decides to come when my brother is off or Ben is not teaching. Yikes. Because the kids would think an ambulance ride was cool, but I would be freaking the freak out.

But still, I would wlecome labor at even the most inopportune moment. Back to my pie.


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    my longest time in the labor room was two hours,and with Leslie we didn't get to the labor room, so be preparede, at least you are taking something from Bomma

  2. LOVE Harry's haircut - co adorable. We had that harry potter entertainment weekly and Izzy asked for it when I was finished. the next time I saw it she had kissed all the ink off his mouth. the teenage years loom large.

    My labor (induced) with Izzy was 6 hours, and with Jack I had only 3 hours from the very first contraction to delivery. I was totally terrified when I was pregnant with Sophie (and Brett lived in a different state and I had no friends or family around to help me with the other two kids) that my labor was going to be under an hour and I'd end up giving birth in my car or something. Fortunately, she waited until my mom was in town to help, and labor took about 6 hours anyway. So they don't ALWAYS get shorter - good luck!!!

  3. My three labors were all pretty similar, so maybe you'll have more time than you think. I love pie in all its forms. Now I have to make a chocolate silk pie in addition to the banana bread I just made.

  4. After just delivering a baby after being in the delivery room for maybe 2 minutes, I can understand what you are saying. Now, I was in triage for almost an hour, but still a 3 hour labor was crazy!

    And the no weight gain - totally understand that one too (after pigging out on cookies two weeks ago, I lost a pound some how). Good luck!

  5. Did you take the boys on a repeat of OUR lunch date??? :)

    Three hours, start to finish with Maeve. And I waited an hour to go to the hospital because I needed to shower and straighten my hair. Seriously, do not delay!

  6. I love hearing stories about short labor! Thank you. :)