Friday, August 26, 2011

39 weeks. Nothing happening down there.

My kids were perfect little angels at the OB today, despite waiting for over an hour to see the doc. It helped that I doled out the Clif's Kids Z Bars and Twisted Fruit ropes (have you tried them? All dried fruit; no sugar; and organic!) and they each had their own iPad to play with. WHATEVER WORKS.

My doctor, it turns out, was so late because he has a brand! new! intern! trailing along, and mine? Was this kid's first cervix. (I figure I should let anyone in there who wants to check it out and the rammier the better-- let's get this show on the ROAD).

I am not quiiiiiiite 2 centimeters, which means THERE'S NO ACTION YET. My doc said my cervix is not favorable for an induction (which I didn't even ask for-- he probably just looked at my cankles and my gyrating stomach and KNEW), but not to despair, I could still go into labor at any moment. Also, he'll see me next week. NEXT WEEEEEEEK????? I have a 40-week appointment? This is unheard of for me! Next week, H starts kindergarten in the morning, and I get to go see why the hell I am still pregnant in the afternoon. Kind of a sunrise/ sunset day.

The baby was super awake and active this morning. His heart beat sounded like a galloping horse, and he worked himself up to 180 bpm trying to dodge the doppler wand. But there's nowhere to hide in there-- a person who is 5'2" tall can only get so big, you know?

I am taking the kids to the zoo after lunch-- the day I went into labor with Jack I hauled myself around the zoo all afternoon. Who knows? maybe it was the sight of the giant tortoises mating that did the trick, or maybe it was all the walking. Either way, hoping for some big turtle love and a baby soon.


  1. The telephone receptionist place I work takes calls for several acupuncturists. Quite a few of them offer "induction acupuncture", and the women who book the appointments swear it works every time. Just some food for thought. Oh wait, did I mention food? Go have some pie!!

  2. Yep, pie for sure. I'll think dilating thoughts!

  3. Walk walk walk. Pineapple. Sex. Walk walk walk some more. And my sister swears by scrubbing the floors!

    Thinking of you!

  4. I hope the zoo does/did the trick! I am impressed that the boys survived an hour wait! Even with an iPad each, mine would have started whaling on each other after about 15 minutes.

  5. "...the rammier the better." Best sentence ever! Hope the zoo gets him moving. I spent a lot of time at the zoo trying to walk Syd out, but then I started getting recognized "OMG! You're STILL pregnant?" "Sue! That's the girl I was telling you about from Target!" and I had to go home, turn out all the lights, and cry. It's the curse of the short pregnant chick.

  6. That blows. Of course your water will break on the way to the first day of K. Of course it will.

  7. "the rammier the better." LOL I had quite a few "first timers" when I was on bedrest w/ Ethan (I was a veritable educational tool) & it is never pleasant.

    I hope the zoo did the trick (but since you just commented on my FB status, I'm guessing you're not in labor). Soon!!!!!