Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Harry brought home a Chinese dragon art project from school the other day and has been nagging me to do it ever since. I resisted because I freaking hate glitter glue and am an asshole but today, we had NO PLANS if you couldn't tell. So I flipped over the Lego top of the Lego table and got down his little box of markers and scissors, and Harry got to work.

He was happy with the results

And I took it upstairs to dry on the dryer unmolested.

Then he spent the next solid hour nagging at me to ask if it was dry. After spending the last 2 days nagging at me to do the craft.

After I put the laundry away, I assessed the dragon, and it looked mostly dry, so I brought it back downstairs where Harry started playing with it like it was an action figure and ripped it instantly.

Tears. Hysteria. Total lack of logic and incomprehension that a paper dragon is not really a sturdy toy.

So I fixed the damn thing and put it back upstairs to dry.

And now we are on hour number 2 of nagging at me to ask if it's dry.


We also played outside and at the park and that part of the day was not emotionally damaging for anyone:


  1. Eli always wants to take that stuff in the bath. I recommend tape, and lots of it. Harry looks so old with his new haircut!

  2. Tripod9:12 AM

    This reminds me of the joke where the guy keeps saying,"I'm so thirsty" ad nauseum. Then when he gets a drink, he starts saying, "I was so thirsty." Harry is hilarious!

  3. OMG, the nagging!!!