Wednesday, August 10, 2011

36.75 weeks pregnant. This is getting old.

Poor Sophie the bourgeois teether.

She got really dirty during a 3 year long sojourn in a cabinet in my office, and I gave her a bath last week in preparation for #3s teething and squeaking needs, and now she only makes a wet sucking noise when we squeeze her.

Harry to the rescue:

Do you like Ben's room improvement in the nursery?

Actually, it is an improvement because Ben's dad is going to put up ceiling fans for us this weekend, and Ben needed to paint the ceiling first. Ben also hung up the baby's name in cute white letters, but I can;t show you because WHERE WILL THE MYSTERY BE?

Harry and I assembled the Pack n Play

When we stocked it with blankets, I realized I have no idea how to use a Miracle Blanket, and the directions look complex:

So we practiced with Harry's Build a Bear Easter rabbit

The boys practiced holding it gently

And then Jack tried to kill it

We had a lovely day today-- went out for breakfast, ceiling fan shopping, to the zoo, out for lunch, and now the kids are riding bikes and Power Wheels, and I am sitting on the porch on my fat butt.

Did I tell you we had to buy a new travel system? We did. Third baby. Third car seat stroller combo. Not cool. Our Combi doesn't fit in ANY STROLLER ON THE MARKET, which sucks. And we broke the double stroller it used to fit in. And we need a travel system in the winter because there are times when the baby needs to be plunked directly in a stroller, covered in his car seat bunting because it is really freaking cold. So. Chicco Cortina it is.

What's new with you?


  1. Alright, another 0.25 weeks and you can start doing all the pressure point stuff from YouTube! I can't wait to hear the name. Fun surprise!!

  2. I truly believe these last few weeks are what make you not care about labor, because at least you're not fat and pregnant anymore. Also, travel systems are the work of the devil. I swear every single time I see our stroller, that we had to buy a new carseat for, that didn't fit, so we had to buy a new stroller...Hang in there. Almost done. I have friends who swear by the youtube videos BTW. If nothing else you score a free foot massage.

  3. That picture of Jack killing the teddy bear in the Miracle Blanket is awesome.

    I cannot wait to find out what this kid's name is! I have completely bought into THE MYSTERY!!!

  4. I think there is a reason I bought the swaddling "straight jacket" for AJU7 - so much easier than a blanket! They may not grow with the baby very long, but just having to zip is so much easier...