Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Day in the Life

My blog friend Brooke challenged her readers to record their lives for a week. I was initially hesitant to do this exercise because it will force me to come to terms with the number of times I eat in a day. But I have had so much fun reading about Brooke and Becca's days that I thought I'd give it a shot.

6:35 am: Jerk awake and wonder why neither of the kids has woken me up yet. Lie in bed until they do.

7:00: Harry barrels into the room with Kramer hair, hops into our bed, and begins talking incessantly.

7:15: Harry is still talking. He and I go downstairs to make smoothies and turn on the coffee.

7:20: Ben starts the laundry.

7:35: After enjoying my bagel and smoothie and watching Harry eat a banana, a nectarine, and leftover smoothie berries, I go upstairs to check on Ben (lying in bed) and Jack (waking up and trying to find his clothes. He often wakes up naked.) Jack can't figure out how to put his undershirt on or find his pants and begins to cry. Ben and I help him get dressed, and we all go downstairs, at which time Harry realizes he won't be getting all the attention and freaks the freak out.

7:45-9:42: The kids eat more breakfast, watch TV, play with their Power Rangers, fight. Ben makes all the beds. Ben and I hang out at the kitchen table drinking coffee, working on our classes, and finalizing some condo lease details.

9:42: I realize I have an OB appointment in 38 minutes, spring from my chair, clean up breakfast (including milk yogurt, and cream cheese that have been sitting out since 7:15. We're food poisoning risk takers).

9:53-10:06: I plug in my flat iron, wash my face, moisturize, slap on concealer, pink eye shadow, black mascara on my top and bottom lashes, and some blush. I straighten my bangs, but the rest of my hair in a bun directly on top of my head, and throw on maternity cut-offs and a floaty sleeveless top from Old Navy. I add a belt under the boobs that used to fit around my hips and Birkenstocks, my wedding rings, and my favorite earrings. Meanwhile, Ben throws Jack in some clean clothes and scrubs the top layer of snot and cream cheese off his face.

10:08: Jack pees. He is just learning how to pee standing up.

10:09: I clean up the toilet and floor around it.

10:11: Jack and I pull out of the driveway and race to my OB appointment.

10:19: 1 minute to spare!

10:20-10:48: OB's office. Jack and I read books while we wait. I get weighed and am disgusted and strangely intrigued by the number. Visit is quick and reassuring. Jack gets to hear baby's heart beat, which is why he tagged along. Nurse asks what the baby's name is, and Jack says Owen, which has been his top choice for about 8 weeks.

10:48-11:30: Jack and I browse Barnes and Noble for a Power Rangers book. Can't find one. Get Olivia instead. Jack picks out Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for Harry's birthday.

11:30-12:00: Celebrate record-setting weight gain at Panera with abagel and soup for Jack and a strawberry and poppy seed salad and frozen lemonade for me.

12:00-1:30: Come home to find that the laundry fairy has completed the day's frst load. Lie around watching TV and working on my class while the kids alternately lounge, fight, and play around me. Ben runs an errand. I eat 4 malted milk ball cookies from Trader Joe's and start another load of laundry.

1:30-2:15: My brother and his girlfriend come over to play with the kids.

2:15-2:45: Ben comes home. My brother and his girlfriend SIGN A LEASE and are officially renting this condo in August!!! Yay!!!

2:45-3:45: Nothing. We just sort of hung around upstairs doing nothing. Ben and I made some house/insurance/bank related phone calls; the kids played, fought, demanded pink lemonade.

3:45: Ben and the kids go to park. I go to my massage.

4-5: Massage. Ahhhhhhh.

5-6: Dinner. Salads with grilled chicken and farmer's market lettuce, berries, and pomegranate seeds. Grilled asparagus and baked potatoes. Jack eats oatmeal. And Joe Joes.

6:00: Freak out about impending severe storms and their impact on bath time.

6-6:40: Frantically clean the kitchen (me) and fold laundry (Ben) and clean up the kids' toys (Ben) and bathe the kids (Ben).

7:00: Family picture. Jack's bedtime. Harry and I go downstairs to watch iCarly and blog.

7:40: This is when Harry and I will go upstairs to read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I'll spend the rest of my night eating stale Red Vines and working on school stuff. Will take a shower when the storm ends. Ben will eat edamame and also work on school stuff; he might possibly drink Summer Shandy. We are fascinating.

ETA: OMFG. As soon as I saved that entry the news came on to tell us a tornado was spotted right by our new house moving toward our condo, and we have been in the basement under the shelves for the last 40 minutes. Bedtime might be FUBARed.


  1. Michelle M.7:48 PM

    Yay for having renters! Double yay that they are family! So glad things with the condo worked out well.

  2. Renters!! Nice ones!!

    So jealous of all the time you get to spend together as a family.

  3. What a lovely day! Until the tornado part. Hope you guys are okay!

  4. Yikes - I hope the tornado passed you without much damage! Otherwise, sounds like a lovely day. Jealous of your massage!

  5. Jen Selock8:40 AM

    Hope everyone and everything is ok!!!!! And I think the name Owen is a fabulous name! There aren't a lot of Owen's around, my Owen is the only Owen in his entire school. We run into "old" Owen's, like at Party City we met this old man who's an Owen, very sweet man, my Owen was amazed to meet another Owen. Oh and the meaning of the name is "Little Fighter", it fits my Owen perfectly!

  6. I think the rental deal sounds great - you have someone there AND you can trust them! That is the best way to rent.

    And the tornado sounds scary! I have been lucky to avoid those completely in my life, but with the destruction this year alone, I can only guess how scary it was.

  7. A.) Hurray for fabulous renters.

    B.) Um. Tornadoes???!! Is there any place they don't go now?! Hope all is well!

    C.) I love this play by play! You guys cram a lot into a day!