Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So, we have pictures on the walls in the living room/kitchen (but nowhere else). I spent a pleasant 45 minutes after the kids went to bed last night polishing my dishwasher and mopping my new floor (it's weird to love cleaning so much; I know this). Our grass is growing in like cute little green peach fuzz (in fact, sitting on the deck right now, I run the risk of being totally soaked whenever the sprinklers decide to come on, but that is a risk I am willing to take for some chirping birds and crickets and rising sun).

We're settling in.

The kids are good for the most part. Jack is totally fine, sleeps late, runs downstairs to play by himself. Harry, though, is awake by 5:43 everyday and is scared to be in another room from us, let alone another floor of the house.

This house is loud, too, and our new appliances make all sorts of strange grunting and rooting and beeping noises, which freak him out.

Ben conquered a tiny ant problem we noticed the day we moved in.

Come to think of it, Jack has peed his pants a lot.

Both kids love the park and being able to play outside whenever they want, and they watch maybe 20 minutes of TV a day, as opposed to hours and hours and hours like they used to.

We finally stopped eating at restaurants for every meal (seriously, we ate out so much I never want Chipotle or Noodles or Panera again) and actually went to the grocery store and bought real food again.

Weeds and the Big C started, and we managed to watch them even with our one DVR and one digital box.

I think we're going to like it here.


  1. Moving is so hard. I can't imagine it from the perspective of a little kid! By the time the baby comes you'll be all settled in. What are you going to do with the nursery?

  2. So glad you guys are settling in! H&J will be totally settled within a few weeks I am sure. When we were uprooted two summers ago (the flood from hell), it took Aidan about two weeks when we moved out and then moved back in.

    I love polishing appliances too -- it is oddly so rewarding. :)

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I think you ae a throw-back to your great grandmother...she loved cleaning too, even ironed her cleaning rags..Bomma ( it definitely skipped this generation)

  4. Hopefully Harry will come around soon. And by soon I don't mean 5:45 tomorrow morning.

    Emmie got up that early today and we haven't moved. But she might be if she keeps that time up.

  5. Hooray for settling! I want to be there.

    We move in 3 weeks from today. We have no house to claim as home yet. Ugh.