Saturday, June 25, 2011

OMG. Moving.

The good news is that all this laundry is clean. The bad news is that I don't know where the hell to put it.

The movers also kept asking me where to put stuff. My default answer was "Storage room?" followed by "Guest room closet?"

This is what my kitchen looked like after a whole day of unpacking boxes of dishes, appliances, food storage containers, wine glasses, pots and pans, assorted kitchen bullshit like a bag of frozen peas that are still all the hell over everywhere because they ROLL:

We had some minor problems. The water heater, for example, was accidentally unplugged. Since I usually wash all of my clothes on cold anyway, I didn't notice this until, um, bath time. Since both of the kinds were filthy and naked, they had cold sponge baths, which went over HUGE as you can imagine. In the afternoon, when I was doing dishes, I noticed that the water was cold, but I thought maybe I just accidentally turned on the cold water. Would have been nice to figure out the hot water thing then.

The guy who hung our basement TV assured us that the cable company could hide the wires in the wall when they came out to hook up cable. But they couldn't. So the TV guy has to come back next week. And in order to schedule this appointment, Ben had to go to the store and talk to a human after I spent a million hours on the phone with robo customer service. Also, the cable company screwed up our order, and we only have 1 DVR box and 1 digital box, which means we have to watch plain old cable in our bedroom and the guest room. Also, no premium channels and no On Demand and no on-screen menu!! I thought this was HUGE DEAL for a low blood sugar hour or so, and than I was like, "WTH is your problem, Princess?" So I got my shit together on that that one. Although, I might actually call and order another box today because sometimes I want to watch Entourage in bed, you know? (Also, the DVR is 80% full of kid TV, and I might miss an episode of Hard Core Pawn.)

I made the bathrooms look cute (although the basement on still sucks a little and needs something on the walls besides towels.)



I was holding a stack of kid bath towels and thinking OMG where do I put this when I noticed something behind the bathroom door-- a hidden linen closet-- such a nice surprise!

So far, H and J's room is a tiny version of their old room, minus all the toys

Here are (most of)the toys: (we hadn't unpacked quite everything yet when we took these pics).

Luckily, there is a park down the street, so we have a place to run the kids until our grass comes in. Which, at the rate it's growing, should be next summer.


  1. Julie9:04 AM

    Your home looks great! How did you ever get so much done already? We wish you guys all the best in your new place. I know you have been longing for this day for quite some time,so ENJOY! You must all still be very excited!

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    the house looks wonderful, and what's organized looks amazing...Much happiness in your new home..someone should bring a jar of jelly, salt and a new broom for luck..sorry I can't make the trip just now, but our thoughts are with you and your clutter...Bomma

  3. Tripod8:36 PM

    The bathrooms and playroom are awesome! It looks like a kindergarten down there! Beautiful

  4. I hate moving...and the kitchen is the absolute worst thing to organize. I usually try to move my kitchen in advance of the movers so that at least one place is "stable."

    We only have one DVR/box, too. I made the unpopular decision to put it in the master...because our kids filled it up with their crap and I never got to watch my crap. We have a Wii now in our living room, and our kids watch everything on demand that they want from the Wii. I completely understand wanting more than one box, though.

    Your house looks beautiful! You're going to LOVE the increased space! Hope the rest of the experience continues to move on with as few issues as possible! ;-)

  5. It's coming together! So exciting!

    We don't have cable. And our downstairs TV gets like two channels because something is wrong with it. I do a lot of Netflix!

  6. I cannot believe how much you've gotten done so far!! I'm exhausted just thinking of it! It looks great!!!

  7. I like the color schemes in the bathrooms! I remember the unpacking phase, except ours took a year because we didn't have our closet done for the longest time... It is "oh so fun..."