Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Harry's 5th birthday

Wow. I have a 5 year-old.

Harry told us last night that he is no longer going to pick his nose now that he is 5. And you know what? He hasn't.

He had a pretty chill day.


A teeny breakfast cake

Wearing his favorite blazer to preschool

Bringing these Family Circle blueberry cupcakes and a loaded pinata to his class

After school, we finished reading the second Harry Potter book, immediately watched the second Harry Potter movie, and launched into the third HP book at bedtime

But it also sucked today. I got called out of my summer class after a mere 45 minutes of instruction time to pick up Jack, who had a 101.5 fever at school. When I finally got there after 40 minutes (road construction!), Harry was in the office, too, handing out spare cupcakes to the staff. When he saw me, he decided not to stay at school and do things like play outside and go to music class. Instead, he came home to sit in our tiny house made smaller by stacks of boxes. I was bummed because it was a beautiful day, and I felt bad that he'd have to be copped up inside with his sick brother. And also because I wanted to take a damn nap.

I don't know how we'd juggle being a working family with the kind of inflexible schedules we have this summer. Normally, we don't teach at the same time, making kid illness less of a big deal But today, we were both in class, and Ben was an hour away, so I got the call to flee class and leave my credibility behind. Bah.

Guess Jack got an extra special party favor at Chuck E Cheese, huh? Freaking germ factory.


  1. I'm jealous on so many levels! Eli can hardly sit still through "Hop on Pop," let alone Harry Potter book AND movie! And I love that Harry has a favorite blazer. Eli loves to wear a really old, holey football jersey that's been relegated to "comfy clothes." I'm also jealous of his teeny birthday cake, but that's more about me than the kids. I'm not jealous of Jack's bug. I think something must be going around the world. Both of mine have had either super-gross stomach issues or mysterious, pop up and leave, fevers of 102+ Hope either Jack feels better soon and/or both boys take a long nap.

  2. I'm struck by how much of a dad Ben looks like in that cake picture! When did we all become our parents, you know?

    Five sounds huge grown up. I'm sort of dreading November, even though I pretty much already think of Charlie as five.

    Happy birthday to Harry!!! Sounds like he loved Harry Potter. I might have to start that soon.

  3. Happy birthday!

    See, my comment on the party post about someone getting sick was right on.

    We're streptastic around here. Good times.

  4. having a 5 year old is mind-blowing on so many levels. We are still working our way through the first Harry Potter book b/c some nights he wants that and other nights he wants toss backs to his toddler years. But he really wants the Harry Potter Legos, so I guess that's something. LOL

    Happy birthday to Harry!!! So sorry Jack got sick. :-(