Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tons of pictures of my empty house

The title pretty much says it all, but let me give you a sense of layout before posting a billion pictures that you likely don't care about.

When you walk in, there's a closet on your right and the boys' bathroom and bedrooms on the left. Straight ahead down a short hall is the great room/kitchen. To the right at the end of the short hall is our bedroom/bathroom, the laundry room, and stairs to the basement. Make sense?

Looking toward the front door.

Looking away from the front door

Baby No Name's room painted bright green.

H & J's room painted blue

Kid bath. On the upside, it is right across from their rooms. On the down side, it's the guest bath, too, so it'll have to be clean (because a bathroom shared by 3 boys? probably always spotless, right?)

Laundry room with partial shot of laundry machines

Our room painted green.

Our bathroom and closet. We both have enough crap to fill that closet up tomorrow. So much for room to grow.


Eating area


Great room

Going downstairs

Hallway into the family room

This is the family room. The half by the slider and the tiles is sort of up for grabs right now. When the kids are a little bigger, we will put a desk and a couple of iMacs (or whatever crazy robot computers we'll have in the FUTURE) there, but for now, we are thinking some IKEA Expidit shelves with baskets of toys and the train table. The other half of the room is for staring at the talking glowing box.

Play room! I am so excited for them to have a space for most of their toys, including the big ones like their puppet theater, easel, cardboard bricks, etc that they don't always have access to here. Yes, we sure did put vinyl on the floor. I want them to have a room where they say "I want to paint" or "I want to make a huge freaking mess with moon dough," and I can be like, "Whatever, man." When this room becomes somebody's bedroom someday, we'll put in carpet. Or we can do wood and make it an office. Oh! And I am going to hang all their dress up clothes on a low bar in the closet-- how cute is that?

Guest bedroom. Future home to my precious, precious files and probably our printer, as well. I am hoping to stash a treadmill or an elliptical in here, too, because I think we might let our gym membership slide for a few months because we can't take a baby to the gym daycare in the heart of cold and flu season and by the time I drive to the gym and get situated,it will be time to turn around and feed the baby.

Harry claims that this downstairs bathroom is his and he will not be sharing it. Cracks me up. As if any of us is clamoring to share a bathroom with him!

Storage room

Mechanicals in a cool little room behind the stairs.

Under the stairs

Side yard. Jack calls the house next to ours the "tape house"

Back yard. And Ben.


  1. Love it! Have fun moving... Although at least you can claim pregnancy to get you out of the worst of it!

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    this looks terrific and with your good taste in furnishings both you and Ben) it will beexceptional..Bomma

  3. I'm totally swooning over your kitchen. It's gorgeous!!! I also love all the downstairs rooms and vinyl is GENIUS. GENIUS!! The basement is so light and bright!

    Can't wait to see what you guys do with it! Enjoy!

  4. I am also swooning over your kitchen. I love the woodwork in there! It is a timeless kitchen and I think you guys will enjoy it forever.

    Vinyl is a great idea! Right now we set up all kinds of splat mats when the kids want to do something messy.

    When do you move? I hope it all goes smoothly! What fun it will be to get all set up in such a great house!!

  5. Michelle M.9:32 PM

    Yay for new house! It looks beautiful. So cute how Harry has "claimed" a bathroom. Maybe you could strike some deal with him--it's his as long as he helps keeps it clean? ;o)

  6. You need a closet under the stairs so Harry Potter can live with you - or you can read Hary Potter books to the boys :-)

  7. YAY!!! It's gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see it all lived-in with your stuff. That kitchen is fantastic!!! And I so miss finished basements--I've never seen one out here in CA.