Thursday, June 02, 2011

Office day

Today I ventured to my office. It was actually quite lovely to be a productive member of society again. So lovely that I brought some stuff home with me, so I can spend a few hours in a coffee shop tomorrow morning. I spent much of my time on campus cleaning out my total shitbox office. I have not cleaned the top drawer of my desk since I moved in, so I dispensed with tons of broken paper clips, Post-Its with incomprehensible notes, and floppy disks. I cleaned off my rubbish-filled bookshelf and picked up 3 of the 5 towering stacks of dusty papers that make me an ideal candidate for Hoarders. So cathartic at the end of an academic year. Plus I needed to make room for the fridge I need to buy to hold the milk I will pump once I start showing up regularly on campus again, sometime in October-ish. Now if I can find an extra file cabinet and get someone to wax my floor, I'll be all set.

This morning, Jack spent some time drawing pictures for the baby in my "Dear Baby" book. he took his task pretty seriously

And he was really proud of the result

I LOVE driving my minivan. I love how tall I am-- finally the perfect height for the ATM and the parking garage ticket machine. I love the backup camera. I love the push-button doors. I love climbing behind the very back seat from the hatch to buckle Harry in. I love that the kids are just a little too far away to hold a conversation with, so they end up talking to each other and listening to Radio Disney and letting me chill. I love everything about it. Which, I know, makes me a huge, huge dork.

But not Harry. He is way, way cool:


  1. I have an office day tomorrow. Can't wait. Probably won't be as productive as yours though.

    Aren't minivans great?

  2. Tripod12:35 PM

    I have always thought H was cool!