Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Pool Day (Again!)

We were the ONLY people at the pool today when we got there at precisely 3:30-- the moment the doors opened (can't WAIT until the lifeguards are out of school).

Srsly. Not a soul in this pool-- which was the arctic one the other day and was a tolerable temp today thank goodness because I had to jump in an rescue a dive stick that was too deep for Harry-- or the baby pool which you can see off to the right.

Totally empty pool deck and diving well

Even the lap pool (which is my favorite because it is bathwater warm and Jack will let himself be coaxed in.) was deserted. Today, Jack protested at first but he, Harry, and I claimed a lane, and Harry swam laps while jack and I walked behind him. 20 minutes in, and Jack was having an awesome time kicking and blowing bubbles and dunking his own face. When the whistle blew for adult swim, he said, "That wasn't so bad."

The boys enjoyed total shit for dinner.

And Jack "took a nap in the sun." Not really a nap. And since it was 6:30, not much sun.

The moms at this pool are super, super nice, and Jack was delighted to run into a friend from his class there with her nanny and big brothers. Harry made an adorable friend in the shallow end, and he tried really hard to be cool enough to play with some 6.5 year-old girls. We didn't come home until bath time, and both kids passed out almost instantly. I love summer.

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  1. That sounds awesome (and looks very nice too)! Yay for sleepy, worn out kids. I have to get our passes renewed before this weekend or there's going to be a riot.

    So glad to hear Jack is enjoying himself more.