Saturday, June 11, 2011

Harry's Chuck E Cheese party!! Not as bad as I though it would be!

Harry was so excited for his party today that he did not sleep last night. He went to bed at about 11:30, and he popped up at 5:30 this morning, asking if it was time to go get his cake. I am pretty sure, though, that his birthday party exceeded his hyped up expectations.

As usual, I took a ton of pictures:

Ben leaving the party store super annoyed with the size of the balloon bouquet. But I told him I could order as many balloons as I wanted because WE HAVE A MINIVAN.


Posing in front of the Ticket Blaster while we waited for the guests to arrive

They played this game for quite some time

Harry was so happy all day

He was asking when he'd get his birthday crown from the moment we walked in. AND THEN CHUCK E HIMSELF DID THE CORONATION. OMG!!!

And then when Chuck E was there for the whole birthday song? OMG! HEAD EXPLODING!

He was also beyond excited to extinguish his birthday candle

I was right there to take a picture of Harry and Chuck E

But I don't know how long poor Jack sat there with a huge grin before I realized it was him and ran up to take a pic (long enough for CE to move onto the next kid-- see him beckoning?). Poor middle child.

I was actually surprised at how much Jack liked the big creepy mouse.

Okay, so the whole reason Harry wanted his party at CEC was the Ticket Blaster. He wanted to put on the goggles and climb in the wind machine and grab tickets like he was on a game show. Best 30 seconds of his day.

Pinata disaster ensued.

Pretty sure if Jack would have ridden this a couple more times, he would have fallen asleep.

We came home and opened presents after the party, and Harry cannot WAIT to write thank you notes. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but he loved everything.

A perfect day for Harry who has been one loud dramatic melt down after another since the party. He was a delight DURING the party though. My favorite was when he chased down one of his friends who was leaving early to forcefully foist a gift bag upon him. Just 3 more days until he really turns five.

I was, of course, dreading the party because CEC SUCKS, but actually? We had a fantastic time. And as soon as Harry goes to sleep (at 7:15! Take that, last night!) Ben and I are going to gorge on Thai takeout and leftover birthday cake. Everyone's a winner.


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    looks like a wonderful party, wish we coud have been there..Bomma

  2. I think the picture of Jack and Chuck is my favorite. Your CEC looks WAY nicer than ours. Ours is dirty and creepy and the animatronics have exposed wires.
    Doesn't 5 feel weird? I'm having such a hard time with it. Five is most definitely a "boy" and not a baby.

  3. This gave Ryan scary flashbacks to working at CEC in high school. Looks like the kids had a blast though! Happy birthday, Harry!

  4. Love the pictures, Sarah! Happy birthday, Harry!