Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pack Rat

I just packed my nightmare Tupperware and random "safe" plastic toddler dishes cabinet and found like 2 containers with matching lids. WTH? I have been meaning to buy a ton of Pyrex food storage containers forever but have been too cheap to invest in a large set of them so have been buying Ziploc disposables on the sly. But then they get left in the fridge until the insides turn the color of whatever they were holding, or Ben forgets them at work until they are all science experimenty or in a fit of laziness we throw them in the dishwasher, and you know they are leaching something. So, I either need to pony up the cash for glass, or I need to stop feeling so bad about my carbon footprint, which is growing quite large these days-- chucking all sorts of shit as we pack, having more than the self-replacing number of children, buying a brand new house which is surely off-gassing all sorts of scary chemicals lurking in all surfaces. We're on our 3rd Bumbo chair and Boppy for goodness sake! And don't even ask me how many Pack n Plays. I can't even remember my reusable grocery bags.

Oh my god, you guys. Packing sucks. And we have barely started:

The movers come a week from Friday. We actually BUY the house this week, and our new furniture (HUGEST CARBON FOOTPRINT EVER. I AM CARBON BIGFOOT. Today I just DROVE AROUND at 13.8 miles per gallon according to my car's helpful little computer so the kids could nap) should arrive next Monday.

You guys, we have so much to do between now and then. Especially because summer school starts tomorrow.

On a more positive note, Whole Foods was lousy with seasonal organic produce today (cherries! grapes! peaches!), and we have great packing help:


  1. Sometimes I really want to move somewhere cooler where Ryan could have a less stressful job, but then I think about packing my house up and start to get all twitchy. Yeah, packing stinks, but you have so much to look forward to! Space! So much space!! Another nursery to decorate (swoon)!

  2. If we ever move, it will be because I am a gajillionaire author and we will move to a huge mansion in our neighborhood and we'll be so rich, we'll just leave everything behind and buy all new stuff so I don't have to pack.

    This is clearly going to happen.

  3. I am a weirdo who likes to pack.

    I don't enjoy the stress of it, but I like the organizing part.

    I guess this is a good thing since we move every 2-3 years, right?

  4. I hate packing and I do not at all envy you. I make my mom pack our stuff whenever we move because she loves it - the only downside is that I never know where anything is in the new house because she unpacks it too.

    Just FYI if you need more boxes, there is a website where you can get , um, used cardboard boxes, (duh) for moving. they are way cheaper than new boxes from the moving company and it's basically recycling, so you can feel a little more eco friendly. I used it when we moved, and the boxes were all great (we're not talking USED used - like beat up and grody) and it saved so much money. And then I saved them all in our garage for when we move again. I pretend it's because I'm green, but really it's because I'm cheap.