Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whine whine whine, complain, moan, cute kid pictures

I have been working on my summer class for DAYS. I think I way over did the course reader because when I finally got it all copied and printed and assembled, it's like twice as big as my dissertation. Oops. Did I mention my class is only 4 weeks long? How about the 4 books I ordered to go with the course reader? Yeah, Those students are going to LOVE me. I am finishing up a few activities and handouts today, and then I am turning my attention to fall because the semester always starts out of nowhere and I am totally unprepared and rushed-- but not this year. I am going to squeeze all my heavy-lifting prep work into these next couple weeks, take a week off after the 4th, and have a guilt-free time at BlogHer in late July.

So usually, I love ProQuest Research Library, but yesterday, 2 articles that I have previously downloaded from that subscription service (and filed away for safe keeping in these huge files in our basement which are currently inaccessible unless I dismantle an entire shelving unit, so it's easier to just re-find the damn articles) were not available-- I had to actually go to the real library and photocopy them-- and of course all I had was change but all the machines took a card but the card-dispensing machine didn't take change and the scanner was free but would only do 10 pages at a time and my email was over my quota and not accepting new messages and it was hot and there are many, many flights of stairs at the library. My question is WHY would ProQuest get rid of previously digitzed articles? Does it hate me?

You know I love compartmentalization, right? Well today is a big jumbled mess-- domesticity in the morning, tons of driving around to and from kid-tivities, then a costume change into semi-professional clothes (semi because it's 90 and humid, blech) and meetings followed by office work, then more kid-tivities, and finally my nightly dose of domesticity. Not looking forward. Especially because Harry has this annoying habit of asking, "Mama, how's your day?" once every 90 to 120 seconds, and I don't like t lie to the kid.

Okay. A moment of zen: Harry and my brother Ben patio fishing:


  1. Your library ordeal would send me over the edge too! My brain starts to shut down when things don't work like they are supposed to. Especially when it's hot.

  2. Okay, I now have an even better understanding of your frustration yesterday! And, umm, I think I would avoid your class at all cost. I hated reading until I was 22. Now I like to read, but reading a textbook-type thing would still be a challenge. Hopefully your students are more into reading than me.

  3. Tripod7:56 PM

    hese arecute pix! Wait til Ben finds out he's on the Blog!