Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby feet Friday

Once again at the end of our visit, the pediatrician prescribed Vaseline for Jack's ailment.

On the one hand, awesome, right? Because that means it's nothing serious. On the other hand? Dude, get your crap together and stop dragging your kid to the doctor for NOTHING.

He actually might have psoriasis, but the doctor said it is too soon to tell and he has super fair skin that shows every mark. True enough.

The doc suggested I carry some Vaseline in my bag and rub it on his face whenever I remember. How long until we have a major greasy accident, do you think?

Here he is eating some Veggie Booty on the exam table showing off his hippy hair.

Ahh, baby feet. Is anything cuter?


  1. I think that is the biggest challenge for parents - knowing when to take them to the doctor! It is so hard because you don't want to be the over-protective mom that goes to the doctor for every little scratch but you don't want to miss something big and let it get worse. Luckily, you have a plan of action and he didn't totally dismiss a possible bigger problem!

  2. Did you read that Amalah post about Vaseline? Hysterical. Glad he's alright. At least you didn't take him to the emergency room for a boo boo! :)