Friday, June 19, 2009

WAHMING maybe not for me. Also, some rare one-on-one time for Jack- Jack

So, WAHMing? I'm not sure I could be productive that way. Like now, for instance, when I am blogging not prepping my class. (About that? I am prepping 4 classes in the next 10 days because I have less summer childcare than I thought I did, and I am sure regretting those 3 or 4 weeks when I spent hours on the internet, treated myself to lunches and mani/pedis. and went shopping all day. Wait-- no I'm not-- those were some awesome weeks).

The reason I am currently working on my bed like a high schooler studying for a test (that is to say, chewing gum, sprawled out, TV on, wearing headphones)? This stack o' books from which I need to cull readings for my rhetoric of reproductive rights class:

I don't want to drag these to campus until I absolutely have to.

Also teacher/instructor/professor readers? I am putting my whole class up on study blue instead of making a course reader for purchase at a bookstore/ copy shop, and I'll tell you how the students like it. I think it's going to be great-- password protected, so no copyright issues, FREE for students, and I can use their note and flash card tools to hep with key concepts. It's easier to use that D2L (which is what my university uses) and prettier, too.

On a totally unrelated note (boy am I going to teach my students how to craft elegant transitions), Ben had a rare midweek day off, and we both took Jack out for coffee and Little Gym while Harry was at school (yes! preschool in the summer! freaking awesome! wouldn't want him to forget his line-standing, turn-taking, or paste-eating skillz in the lag time between the spring and fall semesters).

So as you can see, Jack is having some hair issues. We've been growing their hair out hippy style for a couple months now, but Jack's penchant for using food as a styling product makes his new 'do kind of a don't. (The real reason for the hair growth? Taking them both to the kiddie salon SUCKED, and I don't want to go back).

He was running-- too cute

Remember that dazed look I was talking about?

Wait for it...

BAM! He's all where the crap am I?

So what do I do? Flip him upside down again, duh.

Okay, to work. Good thing I don't get paid by the hour.


  1. I understand the WAHM thing. I end up rushing half of the time to get things done by "due dates." Luckily, it does get easier with time. I have found the skill of taking every little minute I have to get something done - even if it is just checking for messages!

    Oh, and the hair-do thing, we are there with you! I don't want AJU5 to have bangs, so I am afraid to take her to get her hair cut until the front is long enough that they won't try to trim and make bangs! Food does sometimes help her do though...

  2. It took me a LONG time to become productive as a WAH-er! At the end of my dissertation I holed up on a chair in our bedroom surrounded by Oreos and coffee, my laptop, and an entire rainforest's worth of books and papers. Sex-ay. Can I audit your class? Seriously, I am curious.

  3. tripod7:24 PM

    Cute pix! Is Jack's nose healing?????