Friday, March 28, 2008

Still Winter

It keeps snowing and melting and snowing and melting and snowing and melting again. We made a snowman on Easter, that's how dire our situation is.

So we've been spending our time finger painting in the bathtub and freezing our faces off at the zoo, where Harry loved the monkey house. A chimp who was sitting high up in a tree pooped, and Harry delightedly watch the poop rain down on the floor of the exhibit and screamed, "Poop! Monkey! Poop! Mess!" It was the highlight of his trip-- that and the owl. Okay, who taught him what an owl is? Who taught him what it says? Not me, that's for sure. I am thinking the TV babysitter?

When I came downstairs and saw this, I said, "Oh my god, Ben. I have to go get my camera. Harry's asleep!!" Ben said "Wow. And you're getting a PhD with those amazing powers of observation." And I was all "Don't forget my mad research skillz,"

This was totally gross. I was practically stepping in pony poop the whole time.

Edited to Add:
OH MY GOD! Right after I clicked "publish" the doorbell rang, and I thought it was FedEx with our Combi Connection infant seat (which, according to the confirmation email I've been stalking is supposed to come today), but it was UPS with our Combi Twin Savvy double stroller!!!! Thanks Mom and Dad!! (And I wasn't expecting it to come so soon because my dad called the other day and told me he had to re-order it because he accidentally ordered 36 of them the first time, and luckily the online vendor did not have 36 in stock. And what the hell would Ben and I have done with 36 of them on our front porch?)
Edited Again to Also Add:
Okay, now this is getting weird. I just hit "publish" again, and the doorbell immediately rang, and it was totally our infant seat! Yay! And if those deliveries woke Harry up, I am going to cry.


  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Harry is so much fun and obviously very vocal about what he sees...glad everthing is ready for McLovin...we're waiting to hear...he'll come when he's ready, no doubt....Bomma

  2. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I LOVE that Hey, is that YOU with the ponies? I cannot believe that you would go in places with animal smells! That certainly wasn't anyhing I would have predicted from your childhood reaction to the petting zoo!

  3. Sorry about the freezing weather. Looks like you're having a good time though! And I have to admit, when you hadn't posted for a few days I expected this post to include some pictures of McLovin.