Saturday, March 15, 2008

Man Oh Man

He's a huge fan of this garbage truck, especially when it's got his man inside. He has become really attached to his little Mega Blocks man, whom he calls man and wants to take everywhere we go, which is unfortunate because man is very easy to lose, and to replace him, I have to buy nother Mega Bocks dump truck, and seriously, how many of those does one kid need? Because I think we're up to like 15. Speaking of-- beware the Ides of March (and maybe take a page from my high school Latin Club-- yeah, I was that kind of cool-- and have Little Caesar's for dinner).

Gratutitous toe shot. Sorry.

Do these look dangerous to anyone else?


  1. They DO! I love Harry's jeans. They crack me up. So cute with the little bare feet!

  2. I love toe shots!!!