Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stop the Insanity

There is a massive Pack n Play in our bedroom, and a Fisher Prce Rain Forest bouncey chair is wedged up on my dresser. I have unwrapped my new Boppy and lovingly arranged all of the baby blankets, small clothes, itty bitty hats, and teeny socks I bought last weekend. We finally ordered our car seat (in green when I meant to order red, but I am coming to terms). Ben remodeled the closet in Harry's room, adding 2 extra hanging bars and 2 shelves, and we finally hung pictures on his wall. This means that since Harry is still sleeping in the crib, there's a painted canvas with the baby's name above is head, which is kind of weird. We are putting giant letters that spell Harry on the wall above the fire truck. Ben painted them bright red (fire engine red, you could say), but we're dreading the actual hanging process because they all have hook-holes at different levels, and we don't know how we are going to make a straight line happen. I have even picked out birth announcements and just need to, you know, take a picture of the baby and record his vitals. We bought breast pads and nipple cream, and I almost hyperventilated with excitement when I learned that Victoria's Secret makes nursing bras!!!!! VICTORIA'S SECRET. NURSING BRAS. Could anything be better than that?

In other words, we're FREAKING OUT.

Finishing my dissertation allowed me to finally embrace the fact that I am having a baby-- and I am so damn excited about him I can barely stand it. Behold: photographic evidence of my nesting frenzy.

Here's a super small Zutano outfit I got for him to wear home from the hospital. It's seriously teeny. I also got a ridiculously small sleeper from Gymboree because I remember tiny Harry was dwarfed by newborn clothes. In case you're wondering, he'll wear a white onesie underneath and blue striped socks and a blue striped hat. Phew. Glad that's all planned.

Oh yeah-- while I was shopping for the above adorable outfit, I saw this house and decided Harry must have it immediately because I have clearly lost all common sense. I never did have a clear grasp of spatial relationships or solid geometry, so I was surprised that it didn't fit anywhere but the living room. Just what every living room needs, huh? Ben was/is so annoyed. Mainly because it obscures his Wii playing angles.

You probably see this picture and think, Oh, Sarah washed some of Harry's old blankets. No. If only that were the case. I decided this baby needed his own color pallet (crazy), so instead of the blue, red, and yellow stuff we had with Harry, I got all pastel blue, mint green, and white stuff. Somebody take away my debit card.

This is the inside of Harry's house at the end of the day-- funny, huh? He spent a long time dragging all that stuff in there. I especially enjoy the fridge door from his kitchen. Yesterday, he added Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear and a turkey baster.

As soon as it's above freezing in Wisconsin, it's ice cream season. Harry approves.


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Harry is probably as excited as you are...he will be able to have "timeout from baby" in his little house...We can hardly wait to see the pictures of the new addition too...our love, Bomma

  2. Wow, you guys are on top of things! It looks great and your excitement is contagious. As soon as we know the gender of Baby Bravo I'm sure I will be off and running too.

  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Whew! I knew Harry was growing up so FAST, but the ice cream seriously looked like a Fred Flintstone beard! I knew he wasn't THAT grown up!
    In some of these pictures he does look seriously COOL, and only a bit tolerant of his uncool family, doesn't he?