Thursday, March 20, 2008

Harry and His Berries

I've read that it's normal for toddlers to have weird eating habits, and I am super laid back about what Harry eats. All you want is string cheese and goldfish crackers today (like the WHOLE DAY)? Okay. Hopefully tomorrow you'll want broccoli and apples or something like that. Don't get me wrong, we offer a fruit, a veggie, a starch, and a protein at every meal, and snacks always have fruit and veggies. The kid only drinks water or milk (and the occasional breakfast cup of OJ), and it's not like we give him jelly beans and Pepsi or anything like that. But still, we're cool with his weird cravings (I mean, who am I to talk about weird cravings? I ate a bag of Cheetos in like 3 days, and I typically don't like Cheetos at all. I seriously cannot remember the last time I ate Cheetos, unless it was at my Grandma Bette's house when I was little-- and she always served them in a Dixie cup, how cute is that?)

So, lately, the kid has a berry big problem with berries. We go through at least one quart each of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries a week and at least a pound of strawberries. He's an addict.  He joneses for berries throughout the day and runs to the fridge to try to pry it open and get them.  Or he comes to me with the plastic strawberries from his kitchen set in his mouth and asks for "Mmmmm," or says "Eat. Yeah. Eat."
Cute though with a berry mustache. Not so cute? Scrubbing berries out of his clothes. Sorry McLovin, you might have some stained collars.

He's just saying bye to Ben in these pictures. Harry's become berry selective with kisses. He likes to be asked for one but he rarely delivers.

Although this morning, when Ben said he was leaving, Harry replied, "No thank you. More."
We asked him what he wanted more of, and he said, "More Dada." How melty is that?


  1. Aww, very melty! Charlie loves berries too. Especially blackberries and blueberries. He is quite disappointed by grape tomatoes, which I think he thinks are actually berries. Love the mustache!

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Aw. That is so sweet! I LOVE the way he gets his point across.