Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Pacifier, Kid? Really?

We've been going through Harry's closet to try to make room for baby stuff (ha!), and we found a big plastic tub of stuff we never really used with Harry. In this tub was a huge stash of pacifiers, most of which were gifts. I did actually buy a pack one day because I thought it might be cool if Harry used something other than me to gnaw on when he needed comfort but wasn't really hungry, but silly me because that never really worked out for him.

This particular pacifier is cool-- it snaps shut when it's dropped so it won't get dirty. I remember we tried to use it between takes at a Sears photo shoot (which was horrible. We actually RETURNED the pictures-- who does that?) when Harry was 10 weeks old, and we were scared of germs.

As you can see, he's using it as more of a cigar than anything else.

Were thinking we should maybe get a dog of some sort because then we could make it wear my pink old lady hat, and our child would get to keep any small shreds of dignity he has left.


  1. I was with a friend and her 8 month old baby at a baby shower and every single time the baby dropped her pacifier (on the floor at another friend's house, not a bus station) my friend went and washed it WITH SOAP. I couldn't believe she'd been doing that for EIGHT MONTHS.

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Maybe he should just take up cigars.....

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    that little boy is so gorgeous, he'll be beating off all the girls (even Josephine) in no time...Bomma