Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is what Harry does to his room. The destruction starts in the morning right after breakfast and usually continues all day. Sometimes, we nudge a few toys away from the door with our toes, so we can crack the door and give him some privacy while he naps. Usually, if he evicts all the stuffed animals that he sleeps with after waking up from a nap (which is what he does if we don't hear him wake up RIGHT AWAY, DAMNIT), we'lll toss them back in his bed. Occasionally, if he opens his closet and drags out all his paper shopping bags and shoe boxes (saved precisely because he loves them so much), we'll shove them back in and close the closet before more refuse tumbles out. Other than those small steps, however, we let the mess build to a glorious disaster and one of us picks it up while the other gives Harry his nighttime bath. Blocks back in the truck, toys lined up in their cubby holes, books straightened on the shelves, animals piled in their bin. I guess I am (niavely) surprised that such a teeny boy could make such an intense mess. I'm in for a nasty surprise as he gets older, huh?

The clothes and shoes yanked out of the drawer are especially nice touches, I think.


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    you're right..it'll only get worse..Bomma

  2. Hee. Charlie learned recently that it's more fun to take the toys out of the laundry basket than to actually play with them. Add to that his ability to trap toys between his knees and hands when crawling and he can spread the carnage all over the house.

  3. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I love the last picture. he is so thrilled with his creation!