Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Pool! Oh My God! More Pool!

Ben filled the pool on his way to work yesterday because seriously, the kid wouldn't shut up about it. He woke up at 12:30, 3, and 4:30, saying "This?" and making this gesture:

which is apparently Harry-sign for "pool, please, for the love of god, pool."

Finally at 5:45, he was up for the day, but we were not, so he went back in his crib to watch his Fisher Price (probably-soaked-with-lead-paint) Rainforest while we snuggled back under the covers and tried to finish sleeping. No dice, so pool it was.

"About freaking time, you neglectful idiots."

Here he is showing me his tummy. He can also find his head, toes, ears, tongue, and sometimes his nose.

Belly button is next, we think. Or maybe shins. Who knows.

We're celebrating Grandpa Dennis' birthday today, so we'll have pictures of Harry and his cousin soon.


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    thank you for my Harrison fix...I check the blog regularly...but do n't understand the comment on the fireplace picture..Bomma

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Pretty cute!