Sunday, August 05, 2007

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

I guess all Harry needs to sleep through the night is an afternoon with some babies-- another toddler, a crawler/cruiser, and a roller, to be exact. Since we won't be turning the living room into a daycare center anytime soon, we're thinking the sleeping thing'll be a fluke-- but we're cautiously optimistic.

Harry's Grandpa Dennis turned 57, and we celebrated with a barbecue, which allowed Harry (13 months) and Max (11months) to hang out with Danny (17 months) and Rainey (6 months), Ben's Uncle Guy and Aunt Julie's babies. Chaos reigned: (Also, notice how Harry's sizing up the baby)

The birthday boy with Harry, Max, and Danny, who think 1 lap isn't big enough for the 3 of them.

As Danny and Max voice thier discomfort, Harry gets the heck out of there

Max making a cute face, while Harry looks at the birds in the yard-- and Harry and Max checking each other out.

Harry's grandparents crack him up

Oh, did I forget to mention the (much more reasonably sized) wading POOL?

Harry has a relatively new word, balloon, which he has been saying off and on since his birthday, but has recently become much clearer (sounds a bit like broon-- and his lips are all blurry when he says it)-- so we got a balloon to celebrate. It has been hanging over his head all afternoon--like a thought bubble, or like he is a Sim.


Anonymous said...

thank ou for the new entry..I have been waiting eagerly to see the change in Max and Harry...seems Max is more used to him now...Bomma

Becca said...

Such sweet pictures! I love the apres-pool one with the towel. What a sweet boy!