Friday, August 10, 2007

Mini-Golf With Harry: Might Be Fun in a Year or So, but Right Now, Sucked a Little

Okay, so that one has nothing to do with mini-golf, but how funny is it? Especially since Ben and I are always taking pictures of ourselves JUST LIKE THAT. And you can see all of Harry's teeth. And I told him to smile, but I had no idea he actually did until I looked at the picture. And he looks a teeny bit like Sloth (in an adorable baby-scented way). And do I need a bang-trim, or what?

Here he is planning his next shot because mini-golf is all about strategy.

Got his putter and is carefullly taking aim.

Helping Mommy keep score. We quit around hole 15-ish because the heat was killing us and also because we had too much stuff and not enough hands. And also because the many water features were Harry's siren calls. But, I got lots of sixes, and Ben got mainly threes. You do the math.

Harry and a huge cock. (ha!)


He's totally checking out some hot girls here-- no joke.

Wow. He's pretty sweaty and dirty, huh?

On a sidenote, this mini-golf place served an aggressive amount of alcohol and fried cheese products. Not surprising for Wisconsin, I guess, but still-- yum.


  1. Sweaty Harry is so cute! I'm starting to get a better opinion of Wisconsin with all this cheese and beer you speak of.

  2. Anonymous1:44 PM

    you and Ben certainly hae patience..of course we did too when there was just your mother...He's wonderful with his expressive face and so darn smart, that you will have a handful soon(Harry, I mean)....Bomma

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Hi, kids. I HATE miniature golf! But you make it look fun.

  4. Those pictures are great!! Too funny! I cannot imagine taking Ethan mini-golfing. You are a brave woman!