Thursday, April 25, 2024

5 years

 I wasn't going to post anything, but wow. My dad died 5 years ago tonight.

I reflected on the two-year anniversary, and all of that is still just right. Last year, I was fresh off Beatrix's death when this terrible anniversary bloomed, so I wrote about it. Today, I talked with Jon, and he mentioned that the hilarious Miss Congeniality clip about April 25 is forever ruined, which made me laugh a little at least.

My Facebook memories are all about Take Your Kid to Work Day, and I hate looking at all of us living our last normal day and not even knowing it.

(Also taking 3 kids 11 and under to a 100-person lecture class was dumb, and no wonder things did not go well)

(Harry got to go with Ben to the Capitol)

Maybe I have enough distance to see how darling that day was. My kids were babies. BABIES. Dorothy (6), Cooper (7), and Jack (11) had a BLAST at their favorite campus cafeteria after being THE WORST audience members ever in my lecture.

Cruelest April and all that, I guess.

(I turned off comments-- don't feel obligated to say all the lovely things you've said before. I appreciate all of you and love having this space to share).

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