Saturday, April 20, 2024

What’s for Dinner April 20-26 (skirting, walking, grocery haul, etc)

 I am doing this WILD thing where instead of throwing away a bunch of produce and deli meat we don’t eat (as soon as I got my colon cleaned out, I began filling it back up with nitrites because I FREAKING LOVE SALAMI), I am buying a more reasonable amount of food at the store and then RE-STOCKING THE FRESH STUFF if we run out. #Revolutionary

Unfortunately, there are seven of us, so even a moderate amount of food is actually ridiculous. These are last week’s groceries

(Not pictured: all the things I already put in the downstairs fridge, like 6 bottles of Fair Life chocolate milk and a million eggs).


Saturday: grilled chicken sandwiches, fries, broccoli

Sunday: pulled pork sliders, slaw, chips, brownies

Monday: Mac and cheese, Dino nuggets, crudités, fruit

Tuesday: Shredded chicken tacos, rice, chips, salsa, guacamole

Wednesday: Chicken Caesar wraps, snap peas (blanched with dip), fruit salad

Thursday: Stuffed shells, garlic knots, cauliflower

Friday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup, crudités, fresh fruit. I think I will make bread machine bread

Walking this week:

(I skipped Wednesday because COLON and only have pics of Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday)

SKIRTS (also no Wednesday)


  1. So many groceries. I get it. There are only three of us at home now and it still feels weirdly excessive (four next week, though!).
    Your skirts are adorbs, love the red one especially!

  2. These outfits are all brilliant.
    I am so sorry I keep forgetting to link to your walking pictures. Ugh! I will NOT forget next week.
    The grocery just does not end. We got a small haul this morning and it was well over $100. And I'll need to go back again tomorrow. WHY CAN'T EVERYONE JUST STOP EATING?!

  3. I'm about to go from being solo for almost three weeks to having Matt and then also Eve back. Are people going to expect me to, like, cook? Because I'm not sure I remember how. Except scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes for the dog.
    Love the skirting.

  4. You have such a stellar collection of skirts!

    Groceries are madness. MADNESS.

  5. So many groceries. I don't know where you store all your groceries! I want a pantry/refrigerator tour!