Wednesday, April 03, 2024


It rained for two daaaaaaays which, I gotta tell you, did not help my mood.

Then! While Minnie was at her gym class and I was grading papers in the lobby, I looked up to see SNOW MUCH SNOW. 

I thought about grabbing Minnie and driving straight to Coop’s school, even though it was only 1:20, and he is in school until 4:10, but I figured I could wait like 35 minutes until the end of class and things would still be ok enough for me to get him.


Zero visibility. Huge, fat snowflakes piling up on top of 2 days of puddles and slick roads. I realized there was no way I would get to Coop’s school and back home before Dorothy got home at 2:30, and she would have no way of knowing where we were. So. Minnie and I sloooooowly slooowly slowly drove home, and by the time we got to our neighborhood, my poor sad minivan could not handle the snow and slippery uphill road at all, and I got totally stuck. Luckily, I could veer into a dead end baby street that might someday be a real street but for now is a tiny little short street where some guy usually parks his boat (but thankfully there was no boat).

Minnie and I walked the block or so home and got totally soaked and frozen, but that was the least of my concerns. All I could think about was Cooper and how the heck he was going to get home. I called the high school and excused Harry and Jack from the last hour or so of class, figuring they should avoid parking lot snafus if possible and texted them to come home. Then I called Coop’s school and explained to the front desk that he has never ridden the bus before and would need help finding his route and stop but that my car was stuck in the snow and I couldn't come get him. Then I asked if his high school brother could pick him up, and the front desk woman said he could and that she was worried thinking about him figuring out the bus for the first time in a blizzard. ME TOO, SISTER.  Sooooo, I called Harry and asked him and Jack to go get Coop, which seemed like the best bad option.

Then, I just sort of paced the house and stalked the boys on Life360. Harry got to the middle school no problem, but then they got stuck twice on the way back to our house. I called the police non-emergency number since they were in a line of stuck cards, but before anyone came, Harry saw a private plow on its way to a neighborhood and maneuvered out behind him. He was able to follow the plow to a more traveled road and made it back to our house pretty quickly after that. 

The boys were excited to tell me about how they almost crashed at an intersection when they couldn’t stop (OMG OMG OMG), but that was the only terrifying detail. The Prius has always been top notch in snow— I think because it is so low to the ground. My Toyota minivans were always OK but not great, but the Honda Odyssey? IS TERRIBLE. Just high enough to be super wind blown and slippery. And if there’s ANY snow, the tires get zero traction. I hate it, basically.

Evening activities (tennis, drama, speech team, dance, diving) were all cancelled, so the 6 of us had a super cozy night at home. Ben had to stay late for a work dinner an hour away and made it home around 10, when the roads were actually better than they were between 2:30-4:30. He was also able to get my car and bring it home. Harry and I walked over to try after the boys’ harrowing commute, but we made it worse by getting the back half of the van into the middle of a busy-ish road and then some nice neighbors helped us push it back to where it was before Harry and I tried to rescue it (and we all almost flattened Coop, who was digging out a tire and didn’t know we’d be accelerating).



YAY SNOW! I can say that TODAY when everything is slushy and drivable.
Where my car spent the storm— I took a pic of its little outline on my way home from dropping Minnie off today



  1. WOWWWWWWW. I hate severe FL weather but . . . definitely have not experienced anything like this. In April no less!!!

  2. Hannah the Dog thinks April in Wisconsin is bullshit. I do not disagree with her.

  3. Oh, Sarah. How scary and stressful! I'm glad it all worked out safely in the end but...ugh! Grey hair moments.

    Our schools are closed today due to the forecasted weather which, I'll admit, I'm not furious about. It has been such a busy week and today was the crescendo so I was, for one of the few times in my life, was hoping for a snow day.

  4. This gave me massive Calgary flashbacks. Sarah, do you have winter tires on your van? It's so worth the expense. I had them on my Sienna and it made a world of difference. I highly recommend! I remember one day last year when J got home and he and his buddies were driving down a main thoroughfare in the winter, and his buddy's car suddenly DIED. They had to push it to the side, in the snow and ice, with traffic all around, and call for help. Of course I found this out AFTER the fact.

  5. Geez. That is epically bad! And so depressing for April. But I'm encouraged to hear that Minnie was feeling well enough to go to her gym class!

    This is our first winter with a 4WD vehicle of our entire lives. We have a Rav4 now and it is so nice to have more power and some traction. But when it's icy underneath the snow, that only gets you so far. Thanks, global warming.

  6. Oh, driving on ice is NOT FUN. So slippery! I'm glad to hear that Minnie is feeling better, and glad you all made it home safely after all of that.

    Remember how I told you it was mid 70s the other day, come get some sunshine? Well, it rained today, and even snowed a little dusting on the top of our local mountain. Shocking for April, that usually happens in February. I think the last time it snowed at our elevation here was 1976, though we've gotten snow on some of the surrounding hills a couple of times.

    My family in Portland and Juneau both live on STEEP hills (think stairs in the sidewalk) and even with the right tires, they don't risk it when it's super icy out.

  7. What a harrowing school-pick-up afternoon. I'm so glad everyone made it home to coziness and safety! We were warned of snow Wed and Thurs, but saw nary a flake.

  8. OMG, Sarah. This is a nightmare! I am so glad everyone got home safe and sound, but what a horrible time for you! The worst we have to deal with here are flooded roads when the weather is bad, but nothing like this. Oof. And in April, no less! That's just downright rude.

  9. That week just ... stank. Big time. So glad everyone made it home safely. I cannot even imagine the stress.

  10. Oh my gosh that's insane!