Friday, April 26, 2024

5 on a Friday: RANDOM PICS and the commentary they inspired (17/52)

  1. Minnie has enough hair (BARELY) for fancy braids. She requested an Elsa braid here and was disappointed that her hair was not blond.

2. I am in love with this outfit. Leopard pants. Floral skirt. Star Was shirt. Frozen Crocs.

3. I got a filling at 9 am on Tuesday, and parts of my face stayed numb until 6:30 pm. I really thought I had nerve damage, you guys. Half of my mouth was all collapsed still, and I had this weird pucker in my upper cheek. IT FINALLY WENT AWAY, and I think maybe that part of my face doesn't move very much so doesn't get lots of blood flow? It was anxiety provoking for sure.
4. Multi tasking: tennis AND speceh
5. POLICE HORSES!! IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Dorothy spotted them out the front door, and we sprinted across the park to meet them. This one was Cooper (LOL), and according to his business card, he is 1900 pounds. And! Maybe we should all put our weight and hand height on our business cards.


  1. I'll take a pass on sharing my height and weight so publicaly!

  2. I love Minnie's eclectic ensemble! Nu was very creative with their wardrobe too... Now they're a baby goth and things are a bit too predictable.

    Your face numbness is terrifying. This is one of the many reasons I've never considered Botox or other fillers.

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    This is Lisa. I refuse novacaine when I get cavities drilled. I always get push back on it but then they check my records and see that I always do fine without it. The numbness is sooo awful so I would rather take the discomfort!! Minnie’s braids are so cute!!

  4. I died at her disappointment in not having blond hair after requesting Elsa braids. So funny. Love the tennis/speech team juggling act. The mouth numbness would give me anxiety too. Reg's eyes are so blue that when dilated they stay that was for like 24 hours or more and that freaked me out when he was younger. Who knew?

  5. Ugh, that weird numbness happened to me after my last dental filling. I even went back to the dentist later that day to make sure I wasn't dying, lol.