Friday, April 12, 2024

5 on a Friday: Small, Happy Things (15/52)

1. I think I mentioned how blown away Minnie was to see herself (finally!) featured in some of the pictures that hang on the walls in my room. I spent 20-some dollars at Walgreens printing pics (gotta love the ever-present Walgreens photo coupon), and voila! Instant Minnie happiness.

2. My terrible rosacea is gone!!! And All I had to do was ditch my pricey skincare routine and buy Aveeno Calm and Restore day cream with SPF, night cream, and anti-aging serum.
3. Minnie spent her Easter cash on a set of twins and a stroller
4. Dorothy bought a giant chicken

5. Minnie 




  1. Aveeno makes a really good product! So happy it worked for you. Yay for Minnie on the wall of fame!

  2. A set of twins! That is too cute!!
    Three cheers for solving the skin issue - I know so many people swear by Aveeno.

    And those pictures are delightful!

  3. Love the pictures!!! Moms are such memory-creators, aren't we? Min is so cute, glad she is feeling better!

  4. Delightful! And now Minnie is a photo-official member of the family :D

  5. I love your family photo wall! :)

  6. Anonymous7:48 AM

    This is Lisa. Who would have thought expensive skincare would be worse for rosacea? I am glad Aveeno is doing the trick!! The family photo wall is amazing! I am hoping I can talk Phil into family photos this fall. We took last year off because the previous year we such a horrific and scarring family photo experience. lol.

  7. I'm so glad to hear about the Aveeno helping! My daughter has sensitive skin, and swears by the Aveeno Sensitive Skin body wash, it really helps her. Does this mean you have to give up your fancy Lancome products? Or do you think you can alternate and use them 1 or 2 days a week? Great to save money by buying Aveeno, but I hate to think of your Lancome going to waste!

    Your family photo wall is #goals. I should do something like that around here.

  8. Getting updated photos up is such an accomplishment! Yay!!

  9. Amazing news about the rosacea! How crazy that it's a drugstore products that helps better than the fancy skincare.

    Hooray for getting updated photos up on the wall. That always feels like such a big task!!