Sunday, April 07, 2024

What’s For Dinner 4/7-4/13

 What are we eating 4/6, a night I have not planned for in either my dinner posts? IT IS A MYSTERY TO ALL OF US. Dorothy and I were at a dance comp until late. Ben had Minnie and Coop at a dive meet, and the boys had their state speech tournament in a neighboring town. Lots of pizza.


Burgers, watermelon, corn, potato salad, air fried Brussels sprouts


Dino nuggets, Mac and cheese from a box, peaches


Chicken quesadillas, knockoff Chipotle rice, beans, chips and salsa


Grilled chicken salads (with green onions, mandarin oranges, blanched snap peas, red peppers, and chow mein noodles w/ginger guessing) and basked potatoes


Buffalo chicken wraps and fries, salads


Pizza and salad (seems like a Friday winner)

What about you? Anything great on the menu?

SKIRTATHON WEEK 1 (I did not skirt Monday because I stayed home with Minnie all day)


  1. WE ARE HAVING AIR FRYER BRUSSELS SPROUTS TONIGHT TOO!!!! TWINSIES!!! I am HERE for your outfits. You are so lovely, and those skirts are fire.

  2. Love all the skirts! Dinner? Chili until finished. Then the usual: meat+veggies+starch: thank you and goodbye :)

  3. Love the skirts. Love the walks!
    And now I am HUNGRY.

  4. Love the pic with Minnie looking up at you. We are eating chicken and carrots in the crockpot later this week, assuming I finally remember to start said crockpot. Tomorrow is taco salad. A big hit. We had a turkey breast end of last week? Ate the leftovers tonight, but I made mashed potatoes, so it looked like I cooked. We are going out of town Friday, so I have to make pizza casserole and leave it at my parents' house, as the youngest two girls are heading there after track practice. I forgot that Reg had a volleyball game, and he's gonna have to go pick them up AFTER his away game. Fingers crossed that the little girls don't irritate my folks or overstay their welcome.