Saturday, January 09, 2021

Slow and steady

 Who would have believed it with all these kids in the house 24 hours a day and Ben working around the clock, but I AM MAKING PROGRESS ON MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS

We have enjoyed fish tacos and a perfect pasta dish and are trying 2 new recipes for favorite foods this week, which means we are at 4/21.

Dorothy and Cooper and I snuggle up on my bed with books and blanket and read for 21 minutes/a day, and it is wonderful

I have been able to write 3 times this week! I am a little concerned that it is hard to get up because I am sleeping with a bay and also that my adjunct classes start up again on Monday, and I do not want my only consistent time with 2 hands to go to that. My plan is to write in the morning anyway (and I have also done some essential real-job tasks) and then find more work time during the day. I have my real work starting up again at the end of the month, so I will have to figure out the juggle by then. But you guys! If I can finish this book and sell it working from home full time plus with 5 kids and no childcare in the middle of a pandemic, then I can do ANYTHING.

Tracking our spending, we realized that this week was the first time we had days where we bought nothing SINCE AUGSUT. And even though we only bought Target essential (like for realz, not extra crap) and groceries, we still spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY, but it was so fun to track.

I am still eating snacks at night, but there were at least 4 nights so far this year where I just drank tea. I am going to push this to the top of the list **eye roll**

I love the way she looks at us like she cannot even handle any more of our bullshit.

(Hand-me-downs, yes, but I lost the Gymboree tights for that bubble and also the Tea Collection dress for those leggings, so she;'s putting her own spin on it. Here's baby Dorothy in the bubble and the other outfit

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  1. I know that with my boys I was STARVING while nursing in a way I hadn't been with the other three (with V, I was insatiably thirsty). As soon as they weaned I went back to not eating like a teenage boy.