Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Today's post made yesterday's go away??? SO here's yesterday's but today's is dated yesterday?

 Did the post I just write make me stumble into the multiverse? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

And I tried to recreate the other post from Feedly and all my pictures uploaded in backwards order. So here is what was called TINY LITTLE SLICE OF LIFE in another world:

I have made a deliberate choice to read instead of stare at my phone when I put her down, and it is lovely.

Oh yeah! The other kids!

They are still logging tons of outside time. Here's Harry on the ice and the rest of them post-sledding:

SO HAPPY to be my bouncing little helper.

She adores being front facing in the Moby-- it has saved our afternoons. I am more productive between her third and fourth naps (always a touchy time for her), and she is much happier.

SHE'S FIVE MONTHS OLD and such a big girl.

I must say, Beatrix and Minnie are not the fast friends that Dorothy and Beatrix were, probably because Dorothy and Beatrix were puppies together. Still, they contemplate each other warmly, and I think when Minnie can crawl, there will be more connection. Or maybe Beatrix will eat her-- who knows?

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