Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Crush the Patriarchy

 TODAY! A woman Vice President TODAY! I mean don't get me wrong, it would be terrific if the last four years happened a totally different way and we were like too jaded to appreciate a woman Veep, but I AM SO EXCITED.

A friend shared these awesome coloring pages for kids, and we are set to watch. Harry has no school all week because he has no grades to work on between now and report cards, and the end of the quarter means that everyone else's asynchronous day is more ow key. My class doesn't meet until next week, so I am also feeling less frantic than usual. In other words, we are ready to snuggle up and watch a peaceful transition of power. I mean I hope this part is peaceful since I guess you can't argue that the whole thing has been peaceful.

I heard Cooper on a Zoom explaining white privilege to his third grade class, which was pretty awesome. He said he is white and that means he doesn't have to worry about traveling. He could go anywhere in the country whenever he wanted to and would never have to worry about his safety. It was a pretty spot-ion observation spurred by neighbors of our canceling as trip south because they didn't want to be traveling through the south right now. His teacher called it white privilege after he gave the example and then the class talked together about other areas of life that might be always affected by race. It was fantastic.

Crushing patriarchy and her sweet potatoes

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